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Full 30 Days of Tony Robbins Personal Power II PDF

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If your finding it hard to listen to Personal Power in the right order, be sure to scroll down to the end of this page for the PDF that lists the title of each track. You might be able to find a few of the Personal Power II tracks available on YouTube.

If you are feeling unproductive, or stuck, you need some Tony Robbins.

Ultimately, it’s best to listen to Tony Robbins at least a few times a week to keep up one great mindset Tony seems to create.

Every couple of months I decide to go on YouTube and put on some Tony Robbins.

It almost seems like it’s a last resort. I need to get the basement organized and I just can’t stick with it until it’s finally done, so I make the decision to put on some Tony Robbins and just do it.

Then what happens is I make extreme progress, it gets done, I feel awesome and I don’t listen to Tony again for months.

Until I’m having another issue where nothing is working and progresses has been stalled for too long.

No more! Imagine how great it could be if I listened to Tony Robbins every day, instead of waiting.

It’s not difficult, I just need to put him on my phone.

He has so many tips and ways to increase your energy, I find it impossible not to feel less resistance in anything I’m doing.

I have on my Habitica dailies to listen to a course or podcast every day.

In my next 10 day sprint, my new habit to implement is to listen to Tony or another “motivational speaker” (I’m not really a fan of that term because these people are so much more than that) every day.

Personal Power means the ability to act.

The ability to take action and produce results. In Personal Power II Tony gives you simple strategies on how to greater results for yourself on a daily basis.

What people will do is rather different than what people can do. ~ Tony Robbins

Personal Power II is quite fitting for this site. Tony talks about daily consistency and how making small improvements daily add up to great results.

If you improved just 1% a day you will be amazed at the transformation over time. Anything you try to improve daily you can’t help but to get better.

By making simple small changes daily you can transform you life.

Tony will help you make those changes even faster. Success is about being consistent daily with the right focus.

If you consistently focus your attention on the wrong things those are the things that will grow. Whatever you give the majority of your attention to will ultimately grow.

The problem is that most people give all of their attention to the negative things, thus causing them to grow.

We don’t all live with Tony Robbins but that doesn’t mean you he can’t be a daily part of your support system. I hope Tony helps change the quality of your life as he does mine.

Check out the PDF worksheet that goes along with this course Personal Power II.

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