When You Feel Like Giving Up

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Do Not Give UP

It’s totally normal to get discouraged. It’s normal for discouragement to happen. You are trying for something coveted. Meaning people want it but most never get it, because it’s hard to put in consistent work to get it.

Expect that you will get discouraged and plan for how to handle it. Getting discouraged is not a sign that it is too hard; it is not a sign that you can’t do it. It is a sign that your goal is worth it!

If your goals were easy, everyone would have it, and it wouldn’t need to be a goal. The greatest things take work, they are hard and that’s why they are sought after and why not everyone has them.

What is your goal?

Do you still want it or have you changed your mind?

If you still want it, you need to work through the discouragement and recalibrate.

When you feel like giving up:

Acknowledge what you’re feeling, embrace the feelings, and don’t try to ignore it. Start writing about your feelings to get it all out.

Have a gratitude list that can help pull you out and help you feel more positive.

Focus on what you want and where you want to go instead of focusing on what you don’t want.


Feel Like Giving Up Tools & Resources :

You don’t need to be running a business for this podcast to apply. Some great ideas to get you out that slump and often times just listening to someone who can relate helps. The first part is about what to do when you feel like quitting, after that they go into some business marketing info; if that doesn’t apply to you just listen to the first part.

[podcast title=”IBM What To Do When You Feel Like Quitting”]http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ibm/~5/x8tr65oBZlI/IBM228.mp3[/podcast]

Listen to 3 steps to starting over by the Do Over Guy. When you get to the point of wanting to quit, it’s time to refocus and essential start over.

[podcast title=”3 Steps to Starting Over”]http://traffic.libsyn.com/doover/Final_-_Your_Do_Over_28_2.mp3[/podcast]

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