The Keys To Massive Success

The Keys To Massive Success

I found this to be particularly motivating ending off this current year.

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  • A compelling vision that excites you. A vision that pulls you. Rock it and take it to the next level.
  • Our follow through comes down to our emotional intensity.
  • Strong enough reasons, to keep you pushing, when the going gets rough. Positive or negative reasons, it doesn’t matter.
  • I think that negative reasons might be more motivating.
  • Review it, and feel it everyday. Get obsessed. See it, feel it, experience it, focus on it.
  • Raise your standards. You don’t get your shoulds or wants. You only get your musts.
  • Back up your standards with rituals.
  • All results start with a standard and then the rituals to maintain your standard.
  • Success and failure don’t just show up. It’s all the little things that add up.
  • Success is having a vision, making it compelling and feeling it.
  • Have a ritual of cool things you do to make your life better.
  • Use tools to get you into a peak state.
  • Peak states don’t just show up, you have to create them.
  • Compete with what you’re capable of.
  • Most people lower their standards. Remember who you spend time with is who you become.
  • Discover what you’re capable of.
  • What are your current rituals that are keeping you where you are?
  • What are the new rituals you need to match your new standards?

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The Keys To Massive Success

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