Regaining Focus – Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

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Have you ever noticed that after a vacation or a long work trip or in my case a two week hospital stay with my youngest daughter, once you come back home, depression sets in, your focus is gone, you’re not sure what you want to do, what you should do, where to start.

After being away with my little one at the hospital for two weeks, my daily focus became so simple. What time did I need to be at the hospital?

When my daughter went to sleep, I would get my workout in, dinner was at 6 and I should try to get as much sleep at night as I could. Simple.

Sure there was stress; my child is in the hospital. But I can honestly say I am more stressed now that I am back home.

I am certainly blessed and grateful that my daughter is doing well and is recovering from some serious surgeries, but now that am I home, life realities and responsibilities seem so overwhelming.

I’m really big on feeling happy, law of attraction, be appreciative and while I was away, I found it so easy to find dozens of things every day to be grateful for. Yet, as soon as I came home, the feeling of overwhelm seemed to block out my ability to pivot my thoughts to those that make me feel good.

In attempts to get back to feeling better, I started a notebook of “Positive Aspects”. Just writing the words “positive aspects”, having the intent of looking for positive things in my life, made me feel inspired, more positive and happy.

I’ve come to the conclusion that when I feel overwhelmed, it’s because the potential opportunity is so great, but I am not yet the right person or in the right mindset to take advantage of or know what to do with all the potential available. The feeling of overwhelm, is a sign that I need to grow as a person to take advantage of what is surrounding me.

I did an awesome job of keeping up with my workout challenge while being away, so I my first order of business today was a no brainier, get my workout in. Day #25 of the Real Time 30 Day Challenge.

Next, I knew I needed to clean up. Not just because, the house need to be cleaned and stuff unpacked and put away, but also because I’ve always found, that clearing the clutter brings clarity.

It’s easier to think in a clean organized home. But it took me awhile to get moving and find the motivation.

I looked at some YouTube videos, but decided that I would probably never find real action oriented cleaning motivation from a video; all I would find is hours of distraction listening and watching cleaning tips and others clean their clutter.

I decided I needed to listen to someone tell me what to do. Just like working out with a trainer, I needed a cleaning trainer. I cued up The Weekly Home Blessing Hour podcast by the FlyLady and started moving.

If she said to clean something up that I didn’t need to do, example, collecting all the newspapers and magazines, since we don’t have any of those, I just focused a little more on the kitchen.

[podcast title=”Weekly Home Blessing Hour”][/podcast]

After that I wanted to get moving on finishing up my taxes. I looked for some tax motivation through podcast and so far I haven’t found anything all that moving. But even listening to an ok podcast about tax information, still got me thinking about my taxes more. Energy flows where attention goes.

Then just because I hadn’t planned the day, and don’t yet have a set focus, I treated myself to some podcasts from the Road to Ripped guys.

The Road to Ripped: Your Ultimate Fitness Resource | Fitness: Psychology : Dieting : Hacks

There are many awesome resources available online to get and keep you motivated, inspired and on track, but you really need to have a game plan on how you are going to use them and fit them into your daily schedule in order to get the maximum benefit from them.

Today I am writing out what I did for the day; when what you really want to do is write out what you are planning on doing for the next day.

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