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The Freedom Journal

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Have you heard of the Freedom Journal?

I am so excited to share this with you! John Lee Dumas, the founder of The Freedom Journal interviewed hundreds and created a step-by-step method for success. He has set up a step-by-step guide on how anyone can achieve their goal within 100 days through his journal by following specific guidelines.

Imagine the next 100 days. You have to be accountable every single day for making progress toward your top goal and get reminders of deadlines along the way so that if things slip away from you, it won’t be too late! That is Freedom Journal: A daily dose of encouragement in achieving all we set out to do.

Now it’s time to take charge. For the next 100 days, imagine how much further you could get in achieving your goal if you are accountable for what you are doing each day. Imagine having that accountability every day, knowing that by doing this task your efforts will be rewarded with progress towards your success within 100 days!

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In 100 days, achieve your number-one objective.

Make a schedule of activities. Every night, review your victories and failures. Examine all of the little goals you’ve set for it. Every 10 days you set out “Sprint Goals”. Recognize and adapt to the challenge as needed.

And so much more.

To be honest, I think it’s fantastic. If you don’t get this one, I strongly advise you to have a goal tracking system in place for a 12 week time frame.

The Freedom Journal Free PDF

I know there used to be an option of getting a free pdf version with the purchase of the hard copy Freedom Journal, but that doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

I originally ordered the Freedom Journal PDF version since I just wanted to keep printing it out myself.

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I went to Staples to have the journal printed and it came out to be about the same as buying the hard copy.

So now I have just purchased a Freedom Journal whenever I really need a push on a specific goal. It’s a great way to let my brain know, I am serious and this goal is on! It’s well worth the money. The book is of excellent quality. I’m just more motivated to write in a hard copy journal.

Why create a 100 day or 12-week plan?

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Because a year is just too long. If you give yourself a year to do something, you’ll take a year.

If you give yourself 100 days, you’ll take 100 days. It’s also too easy to feel like there is tons of time to get something done. With 90-100 days, there is no time for slacking.

Ok, actually there are, many goals you set, could even be done in less time, but at least you didn’t spend the whole year slacking. 🙂

Looking back to the people who failed their New Year’s Resolutions, they often said that it’s because there was too much time. They felt like they could get started tomorrow.

Have you ever procrastinated on a school assignment or work project, and the night before it was due you crammed like crazy and got it done. We always wonder what we could have produced if we actually started right away.

But the brain often doesn’t work like that. The pain isn’t immediate or strong enough to move us to action when we procrastinate on a goal if we feel we still have time to complete the tasks later.

Creating a shorter time frame to completion helps to create a sense of urgency. It helps the brain move into action because we know if we don’t start now the pain of failure is pretty much guaranteed.

If this idea of being to create a sense of urgency by creating a self-imposed deadline sounds appealing, be sure to check out the book the 12 Week Year.

12 Week Year ~ Get instant access to sample plans, tools, and examples to get you started on your 12 Week Year™ journey.

Create a 12 week Calendar – Generate Your Own 12-Week-Per-Page Calendar Printout

Accomplishing your goals


There are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of success:

1. Make sure the goal is SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. – If you haven’t heard about setting SMART goals, the Freedom Journal will walk you through it in more detail.

2. Align yourself with like-minded individuals or a group that supports your goal. This step truly is huge, because we tend to be the average of the people we are around, and that is because our standards tend to be the same as those around us. If you have a high standard for how you treat your body, are you likely to hang out with people who have much lower standards, possibly abusing their bodies with alcohol or drugs?

3. Set up accountability (schedule a weekly progress report) with someone who will hold you accountable. Having an accountability partner is gold. I love how the Freedom Journal talks about making sure you set this up.

4. Use positive body language and play upbeat music that makes your heart sing. Tony Robbins talks about this all the time. Motion creates emotion. Listening to music gets you moving, gets you energized, gets you producing the seeking hormone dopamine.

5. Track your progress throughout the day using The Freedom Journal or another system for checking off items on your daily task list.

6. Know how you will reward yourself for completing your goal. Rewards don’t always work at creating motivation or drive, but when they do, it’s awesome. It you can find a reward that moves you, use it.

7. Always focus on what you have accomplished and how far you’ve come so you can stay motivated to keep going! This is really where the Freedom Journal shines. It creates a place where you can see every little step you’ve accomplished, that is leading you to the larger goal. It asks you the right questions at the right time, so that in its pages you will see what is working and where you might need a course correction to make it to your destination.

What can you accomplish in 100 Days

Learn something new

Learn a new language. Learn to cook, paint, sing, or dance. Read more books.

Get your home decluttered and organized

Paint your house, clean out the garage, weed the garden, create your own little sanctuary.

One of our 100 day challenges was to rebuild our backyard. – Be sure to check back for my post on what we call our Operation Minecraft backyard, because I designed the backyard in Minecraft and then we spent 120 days making it happen.


Disconnect and engage with others

Put your phone on silent. Spend more time with your loved ones and friends. Visit a museum or art gallery once a week.

Get fit

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what fitness goals you can set. Maybe running a 5K or is setting your eyes on a triathlon more your speed? Is it time to join an organized sport? Quit smoking. Embrace #meatlessmondays. Set a training goal. Run your first 5K or maybe a triathlon. Quit smoking.


Create a plan to fix your credit. Start a savings plan, learn about investing. Wealth Simple is awesome if you’d like to get your feet wet in buying stocks. Start a side hustle or create a career plan. Learn how to ace your first 100 days at a new job. ~Forbes

Whatever your goal is, the key will be to remain focused, plan out all the steps, tasks, actions needed to be taken to achieve it, and keep the momentum. The Freedom Journal will help you do all these things.


The Freedom Journal has teamed up with Pencils of Promise and a portion of every Freedom Journal sale is going towards the building of a school in a developing country.

Give yourself the opportunity to accomplish your #1 goal AND the gift of knowledge to those who are less fortunate. With all the journals sold so far, three schools have already been built!

If you don’t have a specific goal you currently want to work on and your looking more to work on focus and productivity, be sure to If you don’t have a clear objective in mind right now, but want to improve your attention and productivity, The Mastery Journal is a good place to start.


Comment below with the goal you are or will be working on in the next 100 days. It just might help to inspire someone else and we love to hear from you.

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