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30 Day Self-Care Challenge!

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A challenge to take better care of yourself!

So you have been hitting the snooze button a lot lately? Or do you often feel tired and unmotivated at work? Maybe your birthday is coming up and you want to look good in the pictures instead of going all out in your PJs with chocolate icing on your face.

Self Care has become a buzzword lately, you might have heard it in the context of beauty products or yoga. But how about in your professional life? Can taking care of yourself actually help you at work?

We hope we made this challenge accessible for everyone by including everyday actions that can be done by anyone! If you are someone that does not like to do anything too fancy or just don’t have the time, this challenge is for you!

You can use your 30 days to track your progress with self-care and see how it helps with your motivation, health, and productivity. Let’s get started!

What is self-care? What can I do in my everyday life?

Self-care is different per person and there are many things you can do to take care of yourself. You might like doing yoga, meditation, or taking a bath. Or maybe you prefer another form of exercise, cooking healthy meals or writing in your diary. It’s up to you and what you enjoy!

You may use the 30-day self-care challenge as a guide or as a source of inspiration to fill out the blank form to keep track of your journey.

Your 30 Day Self-Care Challenge Printable

Click the image below, for full size printable image. Right click and save the image to your computer to print and use for your own personal use.

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Day 1: Put Jammies on extra early and snuggle up in bed with a good book or TV show.

Day 2: Check your credit score & set financial goals

It’s difficult to improve if we don’t have all of the data. That is why monitoring your credit score is critical. It’s a crucial tool to assess your financial health and determine your eligibility for mortgages, cars, credit cards, and more.

Checking your score won’t take that much time but can have a significant impact on your life!

Day 3: Drink more water

It’s difficult to take care of yourself if you are not hydrated. So drink up and stay healthy!

Day 4: Try an online yoga class

If you are not sure where to start, here is my two favorite yoga classes. Bryan Kest Power Yoga and 30 Days of Yoga by Adrian.

Day 5: Watch a comedy

Take some time out to relax and not take life so seriously. Watch a comedy show!

Day 6: Book a massage

We all need a bit of pampering time and taking care of ourselves. Book a massage!

Day 7: Plant something

I love the way plants look and feeling like I am caring for something. If you don’t have a green thumb, try a cactus!

Day 8: Spend some time outside

Natural daylight is not only important for your mood but also essential to maintain your sleep schedule. Take a walk in the park!

Day 9: Create a vision board

A vision board helps you clarify your goals and what you want. It also gives you a feeling of accomplishment when you check things off!

Day 10: Learn how to meditate

Some people find it difficult to quiet their mind. But when you do learn, the benefits are amazing. You can find a guided meditation video on YouTube

Day 11: Try a free online workout

Working out at home is where it’s at and there are so many amazing workouts to keep you motivated all year long. Try BodyRock Real Time 30 Day Challenge.

Day 12: Wake up 15 minutes earlier

If you can’t go to bed earlier, start your day early and complete something on your list. Make the most out of the extra time!

Day 13: Have a game night

Whether you invite friends over or have a board game night alone, it’s wonderful to have some downtime. Also great for the brain! How do you have a board game night alone? There are lots of board games you can play online with real people, my favorite is

Day 14: De-clutter a room or desk

Get rid of all the papers you don’t need, clean out your closet, or organize your desk. It will help you feel more relaxed and less stressed!

Day 15: Go to bed 30 minutes earlier

You’ll be amazed how much more you will get done if you go to bed a little earlier.

Day 16: Practice deep breathing

Deep breathing is a simple way to calm down when you are overwhelmed or stressed. You can also try mindful meditation for deep breathing.

Day 17: Make a gratitude diary

It’s easier to take care of yourself when you are thankful for everything that is great in your life.

Day 18: Make your favorite meal

Getting creative in the kitchen and cooking a meal you love will make you happy.

Day 19: Buy yourself something nice

Ok, we all love to buy clothes and shoes but buying yourself a thing you really like is one of the most satisfying feelings. Sometimes I treat myself with a book or grocery treats. It’s important not to neglect yourself and think about what you like!

Day 20: Create a bucket list

Creating a bucket list is one of the most fun things you can do. There are so many possibilities and your life will probably change once you start making yours!

Day 21: Watch a movie or series

I am a true Netflix addict and love to watch movies or series. Curl up with some snacks, make sure your phone is off, and enjoy!

Day 22: Spend the day without using social media

This is one of the hardest things but can be extremely rewarding. Not being constantly stressed about what other people are doing or how you look will make you feel great!

Day 23: Take a long shower or bath

Just spending some time relaxing in the shower and letting all the tension melt away will make you feel so much better.

Day 24: Take a power nap

As adults, we tend to skip the nap because we feel like it’s something for kids. But taking a quick power nap between work or school will make you more focused and relaxed!

Day 25: Read inspirational quotes

Reading quotes that inspire you will make you feel more positive and ready to take on the world!

Day 26: Contact someone you care about

Call your parents, family, or best friend, and have a nice chat. It’s wonderful to hear from others you care about and it feels so good when you get a call!

Day 27: Spend some time outside

Yes, this was already on the list, but the sun feels amazing on your skin, and taking a quick walk will make you feel like a new person. As an added bonus, it will help you sleep at night!

Day 28: Do a hair mask

Pamper yourself with a hair mask, you can do one at home or visit a salon. Your hair will be so much healthier and you’ll feel more confident!

Day 29: Write it all down in a journal

Documenting your life is such an amazing way to look back. It’s also a great way to ease stress and forget about things you don’t want to deal with now. Keep a journal next to your bed, take notes of thoughts that come to mind, or go out and buy one if you don’t have one!

Day 30: Create a budget

One of the best ways to take care of yourself is by making sure that you are financially secure. If you don’t know where your money goes, or you don’t have a budget it’s time to make one!

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