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How to Manifest Something: Masterclass with Oprah


If you want to create more abundance in your life, then manifesting is an important tool. Oprah has been teaching people how to do this for years and now she’s sharing her secrets with the world. In her latest Masterclass, Oprah reveals what it takes to effectively manifest something you desire so that you can achieve a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment in your life.

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It is important to remember that while manifesting will help you create a better life, it won’t solve all of your problems.

In this short video clip, Oprah talks about vision boards and how to use them for manifestation. She explains that the purpose of a vision board is twofold: 1) it helps you identify your goals 2) it acts as a visual affirmation when those dreams start coming true.

You have to meet the vibration. You need to want what you get, but not too much that it pushes whatever you desire away from your reach. It’s really quite simple: know-want-don’t want so bad; these are three principles of manifestation and they can apply in many areas of life beyond attracting a relationship or money for example time management work projects family etc..

We often think that our happiness is dependent on the things we want. However, to truly be happy you have to realize this and let go of all your fears pertaining to not getting what you desire most in life.

Manifestation is really simple, but letting go of fear and not forcing it to happen makes the process difficult.

This video is so important, and it’s worth watching several times.


How to manifest something

Have a clear intention of what you want to manifest

Having a clean intention of what you want to manifest is an important step in the process. One must be completely honest with themselves and know exactly what they are looking for in order to get it. If you are not, then your manifestation will not happen because you are not clean on what you actually want.

Example, if you were trying to loss weight, every day when you wake up, you want to have a clear picture in your head of being fitter and thinner. You also want to have a strong feeling of happiness when you imagine yourself at your goal weight or better yet, your goal inches.

Your daily thoughts are filled with gratitude for how far you’ve come and all the hard work that has led you here. There’s no room in your thoughts for fear, doubt, or negative self-talk because being able to get to your goal weight has already become a reality for you.

Create an affirmation that aligns with your intention

The affirmation I use for manifesting is “I am wealthy, prosperous and happy.” This aligns with my intention because this affirmation brings me happiness and wealth which will help bring me prosperity.

An affirmation needs to make you feel good when you say it, so you are vibrating on a higher frequency and that will help you attract what your desire.

Manifestation does not always require vision boards or affirmations, but they can definitely make the process easier as long as it aligns with your intention.

Visualize the manifestation

Visualization is another tool that can help with manifestation. This is when you picture yourself having the item, circumstance, or experience you desire. You should feel it in your body and visualize what it would feel like if this were happening in real life.

This is often used in the sports world where athletes who are trying to reach their goals use visualization of themselves receiving prizes and accolades.

Visualizing what you want is also a great tool because it helps ground your energy on what you desire to manifest rather than on negative things that could pop up.

When you visualize what you want to manifest, think about all the little details that make your desire special. For example, if you are trying to manifest a new car then go through everything in your mind: What color is it? Is there light tinted windows or dark ones? How big is the engine and how fast can it speed up going up hills?

The more details you can give yourself, the better. This will help you manifest your desire because it’s creating a clear image of what you want to happen in your head and that is powerful!

Leave room for miracles

Manifesting requires an open mind so do not think about how something needs to happen or even if it will happen. You have to just let it flow and leave room for miracles because they do happen on a daily basis, we just don’t notice them sometimes, but being open lets you see the small wonders that surround us every day.

Let go of negative thoughts about fear or uncertainty

You cannot manifest anything if there is any negativity in your thoughts. You need to be completely positive about your desire and if you are not, then it will manifest in a different way that may not align with what you wanted at all or even worse, have the manifestation become something negative because of those thoughts.

Repeat steps above daily until it manifests

You need to stay positive and continue your steps to manifesting, until your desired outcome is achieved.

Be patient and persistent, don’t give up! 

Affirmations, visualization and taking the time to be grateful for what you have now will help your manifestation become a reality!

Trust in the process – sometimes things take time to happen.



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