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The Top 7 Squat Challenges: Get the Motivation You Need

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There are plenty of challenges out there that will push you to get in shape. But not all are created equal. Some are mindless, while others require a little more effort and motivation. Here is a list of our top seven squat challenges to keep you motivated!

While people often focus on cardio and toning their core, legs are easily an afterthought. However, it’s important to keep your quads strong because they’re the largest muscle group in our body. Our leg strength determines endurance too, so make sure you don’t neglect them!

This year, ensure your legs don’t get neglected by adding squats into your workout plans. Squats are a great way to maximize fitness and will definitely help you make sure that 2021 is the healthiest one yet!

Why Squats?

Squats are a very old and well-known leg exercise. There is no better movement for improving your legs’ strength than squats! While there are many varied ways to train this region, I believe that squatting is an important exercise:

1) They Target Multiple Leg Muscles

Many other leg exercises such as leg extensions and hamstring curls only target one part of the legs, so you need to perform multiple exercises to give your legs a full workout. However, squats are a compound movement and bring the majority of your leg muscles into play which means they give your legs an effective workout on their own.

2) They Can Be Performed With & Without Weights

Most leg exercises use added resistance which means you either need to hold dumbbells or use a special exercise machine to perform them. However, while squats can be performed with extra weight if you want to add resistance, this is completely optional. This makes squats a much more flexible exercise option than most other leg exercises out there.

One of the best things about squats is that they’re very flexible. This means that not only do they do a great job of toning and strengthening your legs but they’re also an excellent addition to any workout. For the best results, you should create your own squat based workout based on your fitness goals. However, since we all need a little inspiration, squat challenges workout additions to keep you moving:


I’m starting the squat challenges off with one that burns! I’m sorry but it’s one of the best. You’re gonna love and hate it, I promise.

Just follow along with the song, you squat down when it says, “bring Sally down”, and you stand up when it says, “bring Sally up.” Short, Sweet, and Simple.


Time for a workout challenge! 100 reps of different variations of squats in 5 minutes! This is a great challenge you can add into your daily routine or even at the end of your workouts as a burn out! How many rounds can you do?


Are you ready for the ultimate 10,000 SQUAT Challenge in 30 Days?! Let’s do this together!! Snap & Share pictures of. Tag me @JoannaSohOfficial #JSohActive


You guys all made it through the 100-squat challenge. Now here is the 200 squat challenge! These exercises will build and lift your butt. It looks simple but this workout is KILLER! If 200 is too easy for you, try it 2-3 times in a row or add some weight (Weight vest/dumbbell).


I love song squat challenges!! They are short, fast and burn. What better song to squat to then, We Will Rock You! Go rock this challenge.


You’ve done the 100 squat challenge, made it through the 200 squat challenge, how hard could 300 squats be?!

Time for a workout challenge! 300 reps of 5 different variations of squats in 15 minutes! This is a great challenge you can add at the end of your workouts as a burn out or take on the challenge alone!


Complete as many squats as possible during a Tabata Workout (4-Minutes. 20 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF). Can you complete more than Cynthia?!

Squats are a brilliant exercise that can create powerful legs and be used as a basis for an effective full body workout. So if you’re planning to get fit this year, make sure you don’t skip out on your legs. Instead, take advantage of the squat challenges and squat workouts listed above and build a set of strong legs this year.


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