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Fix Your Posture in 22 Days: Simple Challenge, Big Results

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Are you tired of feeling hunched over? I was too! That’s why I embarked on a journey to fix my posture, and let me tell you, the results have been life-changing.

Why Does Bad Posture Happen?

Wikipedia suggests that bad posture stems from a combination of weakened and shortened muscles. While this can happen gradually, some of us are simply wired this way from the get-go. For me, it’s definitely a combo of nature and nurture.

The 22-Day Posture Transformation Challenge

I’ve put together a simple, effective 22-day challenge incorporating stretches, exercises, and powerful mental shifts to help you stand tall and feel amazing.

Day 1: Say Cheese (The Baseline)

  • Action: Take full-body photos (front and side) in your natural, relaxed stance.
  • Reflection: How do those photos make you feel? Identify the areas for the biggest improvement.

The only thing you have to do today is have someone take a picture of you from the side and front. Try to stand naturally and not cheat. I know it’s tough, especially when you’re posing. But try. This gives you a starting point.

I had a really hard time with this. Knowing the camera is on me, I have an inborn need to pose and look my best. Part of that is standing up straight. I almost feel like I need to just start doing something to take my mind off the camera and have Casey take a surprise photo. However, realizing the mental aspect of this challenge I feel it’s best to practice recognizing what it feels like to slouch and to stand up straight. So here goes my pics. #totallyembarrassing, but, at least I will have a starting point to be conscience of.

The first picture is a surprise shot Casey took as I was getting into position. Looks like my spine is kinda straight, but a big head forward going on. The next two are my best attempt to stand normal, then what I think standing up straight looks like. But what the heck is up with my nipples.

One is totally lower than the other. So even when I think I’m standing up straight I have muscles pulling in different directions. All that said, look how much better abs look with better posture.

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Day 2: Stretching for Success

  • Warm-up stretches:
    • Interlocked fingers behind back stretch (1 min hold)
    • “Arrest me!” stretch (elbows back, chest out, 1 min hold)
  • Yoga flow:
    • Cobra pose (20 reps, 3-second hold)
    • Crow pose (10 reps, 3-second hold)
  • Wall posture reset: Stand tall against a wall, focusing on perfect alignment. Imagine this feeling as you go about your day

Well, how did you do with the first day? It’s crazy seeing pictures of yourself right? I had no idea that is what I look like without a shirt on 🙂 cause in my head it looks a lot different.

Today we start with some stretches and add a mental component.

The first stretch is a simple back stretch where you interlock your fingers behind your back and lift your arms up as high as possible, as demonstrated in the first pic. Hold this for 1 minute. You are not going to believe how hard this is. Good luck, stay strong

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The second stretch is to clasp your hands behind your head like you’re getting arrested in a TV show. Stick your chest out and push your elbows back. It should feel REAL tight. Again, hold this for 1 min.

Next is the cobra, or up dog if you’re a Yogi. Lay flat on your stomach, palms down in front of you, arms at a 90 degree angle as show in the first pic. Then push your chest up off the ground. All the while looking up at the sky. As shown in the second picture. Do this 20 times, holding each one for 3 seconds.

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cobra step 2Pin

Next is the Crow. Lay tummy down flat on the ground with your arms spread out to your sides as shown in the first picture. Then lift your chest off the ground as far as you can, keeping your arms spread like a bird as shown in the second picture. Do this 10 times and hold each for 3 seconds.

the crow step 1Pin
the crow step 2Pin

Lastly, stand up against a wall with your head, shoulders and butt touching the wall. Close your eyes and completely soak in what it feels like to stand up perfectly straight. Now imagine yourself walking around with that same feeling. Continue this for a minute.

I really enjoy these. I feel that because I always slouch, it really feels good to stretch out that back. I am curious what it will feel like tomorrow when I get up. Walk tall.

Day 3: Imagine the Change

  • Repeat yesterday’s stretches (no wall reset today)
  • Mindset shift: “Shoulder blades in your back pockets.” Practice this throughout the day (30-second hold, 4 reps)

How is your back today? Mine is tired and sore! Today we are not going to add any new exercises to the plan, just repeat yesterday’s workout minus the standing against the wall. In place of that exercise, we’re going to imagine putting our shoulder blades in our back pocket.

Stand normal and relaxed. Roll your shoulders up, back and push them down into your back pockets. Hold that for 30 seconds. Then repeat it 3 more times. This should achieve more or less the same result as the standing against the wall exercise, but without the wall.

Day 4: Above the Horizon

  • Mental challenge: Walk with your gaze “above the horizon,” as if looking over a crowd.
  • Repeat Day 2 stretches

Today’s mental challenge is something to carry with you all day. Even going for a planned walk after or before work will aide this exercise. Any time you are walking today make an extra effort to look up, as if your looking over a crowd of people to look for something. A lot of times people like us with poor posture look “below” the horizon while we walk. Today, I urge you to try looking “above” the horizon. Not by looking up with your eyes, but by raising your head to look above the horizon as if, again, peering above a crowd of people to search for something.

For the physical exercises were going to go back to do just the stretching. From day 2.

Tomorrow we will continue with the mental exercises and start adding on a few new stretches.

Day 5: The Driving Game Changer

  • Action: Adjust your car seat for upright posture, then your mirrors to force you to sit tall in order to see
  • Reflection: This can get uncomfortable! When you need a break, stretch out, then try the perfect posture position again. Over time, that upright position will get easier to maintain.

How are we feeling today? I know I am starting to notice that I think about my posture much more often than I used to. Who am I kidding? I never used to think about it. Now I seem to think about it every time I get up to walk. How about you?

Today’s mental trick is one that you will use forever. It’s a real game changer. Actually, it’s not really a mental trick. It’s more of a physical change.

When you get in your car for the first time today, consider the position of your seat. Does it allow for you to sit properly? Imagine sitting in a chair at the table. Change the position of your seat so you are as close to that position as possible. Then adjust your rear view mirror so that you must raise your torso from your sternum and pull your head back to see out back properly. Once you find that position, adjust your side mirrors to match. Now, whenever you are driving you will be in perfect posture, or be unable to see properly. Trust me, this will prove to be tough. On long drives it will get tiresome and even become painful. When it becomes unbearable, I get out and stretch, to relax my back and allow myself to slouch and recover. Then, upon entering my car again, I see what it feels like to sit in the ” perfect ” position. If it still hurts, I change the position of my seat until it is comfortable. What you will find that upon completing this challenge from now on, that position of comfort “should” become closer and closer to the “perfect” position.

Day 6: Balancing Act

  • Balance exercise: Stand on one foot (30 seconds), then switch. Keep your spine straight and focus on a point ahead. (3 reps each side). For a challenge, try with eyes closed.

Today, we’ll introduce a balance exercise to help strengthen your core and improve your posture. Stand on one foot for 30 seconds, then switch to the other foot. Focus on keeping your spine straight and your gaze forward. To make it more challenging, try closing your eyes. This exercise forces your body to use its postural muscles, keeping you aligned and balanced. Repeat this exercise three times for each foot.

Day 7: Tech Check

  • Action: Hold devices at eye level

In our modern world, we spend a lot of time looking down at our devices, which can lead to “tech neck.” Today, make a conscious effort to keep your devices at eye level. Whether you’re texting, reading, or browsing, keep your phone or tablet up so that you’re not bending your neck down. This small change can have a big impact on reducing neck strain and improving your overall posture.

Day 8: Shoulder Roll Relaxation

  • Tension release: Hourly shoulder rolls (lift up, back, and down, 5 reps)

Shoulder tension can contribute to poor posture. Today’s focus is on relieving that tension. Every hour, take a moment to do shoulder rolls. Lift your shoulders up towards your ears, roll them back, and then down. This helps release tension and reminds you to maintain a good posture. Do this 5 times in a row, and try to keep your shoulders relaxed throughout the day.

Day 9: Wall Angel Wings

  • Strength exercise: Wall angels to target posture muscles (10 reps)

Find a wall and stand with your back against it, heels a few inches away from the wall. With your arms at your sides, palms facing out, slowly raise them above your head like you’re making snow angels. Try to keep your arms and back flat against the wall. This exercise strengthens the muscles used to maintain good posture. Repeat 10 times.

Day 10: Reflect and Adjust

  • Action: Take new “after” photos, compare with Day 1
  • Reflection: What changes do you see? Which aspects of the challenge are working for you? Adjust as needed.

Today is about reflection. Look at the pictures from Day 1 and take new ones in the same poses. Compare them. Notice any changes in your posture? Reflect on the physical and mental changes you’ve experienced. Adjust your daily routine based on what has worked well for you so far. Remember, improving posture is a continuous effort.

Days 11-22: Rinse, Repeat, and Spice It Up!

  • Continue the exercises and mental shifts
  • Add variations:
    • Balance exercises on a cushion
    • Posture-focused yoga poses
  • Listen to your body: It’s okay to feel a little sore, but consult a doctor if you have pain

For the remainder of the challenge, continue to incorporate the exercises and mental habits you’ve learned. Each week, add variations to keep your routine fresh and challenging. For instance, try balance exercises on a cushion to further test your stability, or incorporate yoga poses that focus on spinal alignment.

Remember to listen to your body throughout this challenge. It’s normal to feel some discomfort as you work on improving your posture, but if you experience pain, consider consulting with a healthcare professional.

By the end of the 22 days, you should notice significant improvements in your posture, core strength, and overall awareness of your body’s alignment. Keep practicing these habits beyond the challenge to maintain and continue improving your posture.

Your Posture Journey Continues

This challenge is your foundation. Now, keep those healthy posture habits going!

Resources That Helped Me:

I believe in you! Walk tall and be part of the One Percent.

Let me know your progress in the comments!

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