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With the number of Covid cases still on the rise and gyms becoming a very scary place… how is it you have to wear a mask going into the gym and leaving the gym, but once you really start breathing hard, it’s ok to take your mask off?!!!

We have a local Spin Class gym that just had a covid outbreak infecting over 85 people. If you’re going to a gym where people take their masks off when working out, it’s probably a good idea to stop going.

But I digress. Many people are asking me else can we do to stay active at home. I can’t remember the last time I really went to work out in a gym.

It’s a nice treat for me, our closest gym has a bunch of massage chairs that I love and pretty much my main reason for ever going. Working out at home is my jam.

Working out at home is great, but what we really need to do, and I struggle with this as well, especially as it gets cold out, we really need to get outside as often as we can and Move Your DNA.

We need the outdoors. We need the fresh air. We need the trees.

Spending more time in nature improves our physical and mental health.

Recent research has shown that trees clean the air, and our feelings

Especially as it gets cooler and we keep our windows and doors closed throughout the winter, the air quality in our homes can suffer.

So bundle up and go for a walk, jog, run, hike, bike ride. Take some time every day to get outside and if you can, do it when you are most likely to get the most vitamin D.

Did you know that you can put your mushrooms out in the sun to increase their vitamin D content?! How crazy is that?

A Review of Mushrooms as a Potential Source of Dietary Vitamin D

Most retail bought mushrooms, unfortunately are grown in the dark, so they will have little vitamin D, but even after harvesting mushrooms exposed to sunlight will form vitamin D.

Sliced mushrooms produce more vitamin D, then whole mushrooms. Check out the study above. Very cool.

When you it’s time to workout in side, we are super lucky to have so many great YouTube real time workouts available. All you need are a few dumbbells, maybe a kettlebell and you are good to go.

If you don’t have any weights at home, it’s time to get creative. Is there anything else at home you can use for a weight?

I got a huge container, 8lbs of popcorn kernels, it’s got a handle, it’s the perfect dumbbell. What do you have in your house?

I hope you enjoyed these classes and my little rant. 🙂 Keep growing, Keep moving.

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