Barre Fitness: 30-Minute Power Barre Workout at Home Videos

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Barre uses a ballet-based dance workout which employs moves inspired by ballet Pilates and yoga. This allows an intuitive workout which helps improve balance. It’s a unique way to build lean muscle mass and tone your body without having to go to the gym or use any weights. It’s super easy with this Barre workout at home.

Tell me the barre workout?

Barre workouts focus on working out all of your body and muscular groups, including your upper body, lower body, core, and torso. Exercises such as planks, squats, leg lifts, pushes and pulls are common in barre workouts. It strengthens your core which helps improve your posture and prevents injuries. You can burn up to 500 calories per hour through this workout.

How long does it take?

30 minutes is the standard time for a barre exercise, but there are classes available that last longer. Since you’re performing all the exercises at home, you’ll want to take around 30 minutes for your first barre workout.

Which muscles are targeted?

This is a whole body workout which aims to target all of your muscles groups, including your biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, core and glutes. It also targets your lower back, thighs, hamstrings and even calves.

How often should I work out?

You should aim to perform 4-5 barre workouts per week for maximum benefits.

What if I’m not fit enough?

Beginners should take it easy the first few times you perform a barre workout. You should start off with just a few minutes and slowly increase the time as you become more comfortable.

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The most common mistakes that beginners make when performing barre workouts:

– Not engaging your core throughout each exercise

The most common mistake that beginners make when performing barre workouts is not engaging their core throughout the exercises. A way to help with that is to balance on your tailbone and hold all of your abdominal muscles in while doing each exercise. You should also maintain a straight back, never sagging.

– Sagging instead of stacking your spine

Another mistake that beginners make when performing barre workouts is sagging their hips and not stacking their spine in an upright position. This also prevents you from engaging your core, so it’s important to keep your abdominal muscles pulled in throughout the exercises. Your arms should always be straight when holding weights unless otherwise noted.

– Stepping with your feet too wide apart

Another mistake that beginners make when performing barre workouts is stepping with their feet too far apart. Proper form demands that your feet are a shoulder-width distance apart and you should keep weight distributed evenly throughout your entire foot, not just the front half.

– Exercises which aren’t challenging enough

When doing barre exercises, you should be able to feel the burn in your muscles. If it doesn’t feel challenging enough, you can always add weights to make it a bit harder.

What equipment do I need?

That’s the great thing about barre workouts: You don’t even need any equipment outside of yourself. You will, however, need a barre which is either a tall chair or a wall to hold onto.


List the benefits of barre workout?

It’s a great workout for your body, including your abdominals, glutes, thighs and arms. You can burn up to 500 calories per hour through this workout. It also builds lean muscle mass to help you lose weight, which helps improve bone density.

Stay fit in the comfort of home ~ Barre Workout at Home.

Barre is an inspiring, high-intensity workout that combines dance and yoga with strength training to help you get in shape. It can be done on the floor or from a chair at your desk thanks to its low impact nature–which also means it’s perfect for beginners like yourself! Here are some of our favorites: 

At the end of a barre class, you’ll feel like you can conquer anything. You’ll have increased your endurance and strength while improving your posture. What’s not to love? If you’re ready for some positive change in 2018, don’t wait another minute before trying out a barre class today!

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