Cottage Cheese Edible Eyeballs for Halloween

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Have you ever said, next year for Halloween I’m seriously gonna get it together and do some of those cool Halloween food art seen on Pinterest. Bake with my kids. Create those holiday memories.

Then some how, without fail, even with better planning then the year before, Halloween comes in like a tidal wave. You’re lucky to get in a pumpkin carving. Or you just do the plain pumpkins on the front porch. Forget the cool food art.

Not this time! These cute little cottage cheese Halloween eyeballs are ridiculously simple and you probably have the ingredients already in your fridge.

Seriously! I want to see your pictures.

This truly is one you can make with the kids. Not like those other recipes that people say you can make with the kids, you try to include them and end up wanting to strangle them half way through.

You don’t want to ruin their childhood memory of you guys baking food in the kitchen, you already started and put the effort in to create a good memory, so you pray and hope they get board and want to leave, so you can get through all the steps yourself, in peace.

For real you can do this one with the kids, heck, they can pretty much do all the work themselves while you take pictures.

You are now mom of the year. Super mom. Or Dad.

  • Taking time to make food with your kids.
  • Making memories.
  • Creative enough to make food art.
  • Food that is healthy.
  • A snack that is low carb, gluten free and could be keto depending on the sweetener you use.
  • And on top of all that, you got pictures of your own to post on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Pictures that will make you smiles for years to come, and remind you and your kids how awesome you are. 🙂

Ok, that might have all been a little over the top, except for the part about other recipes that people suggest you can do with your kids, that part is all true. The struggle is real.

On with the recipe:


Put 1lb or 450g in a bowl for mixing.


Add sweetener to taste.

Here is were you get to decide how keto, how low carb, how healthy these are. Personally, I love cottage cheese and find the grapes add enough sweetness that I don’t add sweetener.

But you get to decide. You could use honey, sugar, no carb sweetener. It’s up to you.


If you add a sweetener, you’ll need to stir it all up nice a good.

If you related to the hoping your kids get board and leave so you can finish the recipe in peace, then I would suggested stirring in the sweetener before calling them to the kitchen or table.

Don’t worry the fun part comes next.


Here’s where the kids come in, if you want. Scoop out roughly a tablespoon.


Roll the cottage cheese around.


Keep rolling until they are in a nice round shape. It’s ok if the kids, don’t look as good as yours. You are the super parent, yours are supposed to look better.


Place them on a plate.


Add your seedless grape to the middle of the cottage cheese ball.


Push the grape down.


Until it’s all the way down.


Dip a tooth pick into red food coloring.


Use the red food coloring to create the vains of the eyes.


And then repeat. Serve right away or store in the fridge.

I can’t wait to hear how it went and I’d love to see pictures for real. Tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

If you find that this was actually not a kid friendly recipe for you and your family, I’m sorry and would love to hear your story. Be sure to post a comment below.


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