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36 Self Improvement Tips for a Better 2020

Not sure what those small changes are that could greatly impact the quality of your life.

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Welcome to the One Percent is all about making small changes, it’s about improving yourself by just 1% every day.

Every 10 days I try to come up with a new habit I can incorporate or a habit I’d like to get rid of.

After a while it can be challenging to come up with new ideas.

Below are 36 tips/habits to get you started or keep you going in improving your life.

Hopefully you don’t just skim this list, think “oh yeah, I should do that”.

Book mark this page and note down one or two things you are going to start doing first thing tomorrow. When you’re readying to add a new habit come back to the list for more ideas.

Thank you to for this awesome infographic.

36 self-improvement tips for a better 2016


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