Yoga With Adriene 30 Min – Vinyasa Flow for Beginners

iFit Daily ~ Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Workout Time:30 Minutes
Total workout days: 30

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This is a great 30 day Vinyasa Flow Yoga challenge for beginners. Each workout lasts about 30 minutes. iFit Daily provides these workouts for free, but these are unlisted, if you did a search for them on YouTube, you can’t find them.

You will learn how to get started with yoga and how to build up strength and flexibility.

The Vinyasa Flow Yoga challenge consists of 30 days of yoga poses and movements, all based on the traditional Vinyasa Flow style. This is a great way to learn the basics of this popular practice. With Adriene’s guidance and instruction, you will be able to become familiar with the poses and postures needed for this style of yoga. Each day’s workout will include poses and breathing exercises specifically designed to increase strength, flexibility, balance and control.

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The instructor, Adriene Mishler, is an experienced yogi who has been teaching for over a decade. She provides clear instructions and guidance while encouraging her followers to challenge themselves and make their practice their own. With Adriene’s help, you can learn the basics of Vinyasa Flow Yoga and begin to increase your fitness level while having fun in each session.

You will learn how to perform each pose correctly and safely.

This 30-day challenge will leave you feeling energized and strong. You will be able to see improvements in your strength, flexibility and control over time as you begin to understand the basics of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. This challenge will leave you feeling more connected with your body and ready to continue your own yoga practice.

Yoga With Adriene

Click the play button to start your yoga 30 day challenge today.

You don’t need any equipment or special clothing. Just get up and go!

Give it a try and see for yourself what positive changes this 30-day Vinyasa Flow challenge can make in your life! If you stick with it, you’ll be feeling stronger, more flexible and more in tune with your body by the end of the 30 days. Enjoy your journey! Namaste.

Also be sure to check out Yoga with Adriene on her website.

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