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I’m sure you’ve heard of and seen the TRX training tool, ever gym seems to have them now and TRX classes seem to be a new staple.

But what is a beginner TRX workout, what does a full body workout look like on the TRX?

What Does TRX Stand For?

TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It’s called the TRX suspension trainer.

The TRX is great for scaling exercises or regressing them.

Example: if you can’t do a full pull up you can use the TRX and pull yourself at an angle that works for you.

You can make it as hard or as easy at you need it to be.

It creates more ways to use your whole body against gravity working on core stability and strength training.

How To Adjust TRX Straps

To lengthen, press the cam-buckle for both straps and pull.

To shorten, press the cam buckle and pull upwards on the pull tab.

The four lengths are fully lengthened, mid length, fully shortened and mid-shin (the bottom of the foot cradle should hang at the middle of your shin).

How to Install TRX Ceiling Mount

Not sure how to hang TRX from ceiling. This is a great video.

How Does TRX Door Anchor Work

The door anchor always freaks me out because someone could open the door while I was working out.

I just picture my body position being pretty much parallel to the floor, the door flys open and I’m on my face.

Make sure you watch this video so you step up the door anchor properly.

What to Wear to TRX Class

The TRX class is just like any other gym workout class when it comes to what you should wear.

Just make sure you are comfortable and can move without restriction.

A good pair of shoes are super important because of the different angles you will be on, you don’t want shoes that can slip easily.

Does TRX Get You Ripped

The TRX is great to build strength and strength balance.

It is not as good at building muscle as weights would be.

That being said, can you get ripped using the TRX?

Sure because getting ripped has to do with burning fat, through your diet.

TRX workouts can still signal to your body to save muscle while in a caloric deficit getting ripped.

And it’s really good for your body to mix it up from weights over to suspension training.

But you may noticed “getting ripped” faster with weights especially as a beginner where you can build some muscle while burning fat.

Which TRX should I buy?

TRX Home Gym

The Home TRX comes with the door anchor and suspension anchor.

It’s more for home use, training on your own, in the home, outside or while traveling.

I love using mine at the park with the kids.

TRX Pro Kit

The Pro kit comes with door anchor, suspension anchor and the Xtender.

The TRX Xtender allows you to safely attach the TRX Suspension Trainer to high anchor points (9ft. or more off the ground) and large vertical anchor points such as trees and poles.

The Xtender is great for high ceilings, basketball hoops, large trees and more.

The Pro kit is for high volume use and professional trainers.

It’s really the one I should have gotten, had I known how often my kids would be using it as a twirly swing.

TRX Force Tactical

The TRX Force Tactical comes with everything the Pro Kit comes with. But it’s even more robust for working out in all weather and any environment. Maybe this is actually the best one if you have kids.

TRX Workout with Inventor Randy Hetrick

Former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, CEO and inventor of TRX, explains the genesis of the TRX and leads a fast and effective workout that will get the heart pounding, burn a ton of calories, and increase both strength and flexibility.

These fun and innovative exercises can be done anytime, anywhere, as part of a longer workout, or on its own as a quick metabolic blast.

How To Do TRX Exercises

I love my TRX but I need direction.

I have a few exercises that I love to do, but if I’m going to get a full body workout I need something to follow along with.

There are a few YouTube videos but now TRX has come out with their official workout app.

Download TRX workout plan app for Free from iTunes

8 Workouts in total, 4 are free.

TRX Build

  • Core Strength
  • Total-Body Strength

TRX Burn

  • Lean Body
  • Total-Body Fusion

The other 4 cost $2.29 to buy inside the app.

TRX Build

  • Strength for Running
  • Upper Body

TRX Burn

  • Lower Body
  • Weight Loss
TRX Workouts

Download TRX app for Free from iTunes




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10 TRX Exercises to Strengthen Your Entire Body



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