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Top 5 Best Non-Dairy Milks

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We all know that cow’s milk is not the best option for many people. After all, it does contain fat and cholesterol- two things you should stay away from. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there to replace it with! In this blog post, we will talk about 5 different non-dairy milks that can be used as an excellent substitute for cow’s milk.

Why Do You Need a Substitute?

Besides the dairy industry being one of the worst for animal cruelty, there a number of other reasons you might want to a non-diary substitute.

Milk allergies are a common problem in children and adults alike. The symptoms of a milk allergy may include a runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, itching of the skin, diarrhea, vomiting, trouble breathing, and wheezing.

Lactose intolerance is another common reason to want to replace cow’s milk. Lactase deficiency, which is the result of lactose intolerance, can cause symptoms including diarrhea, gas pain, abdominal cramps, bloating, nausea, and vomiting. It should be noted that these symptoms normally occur between 30 minutes to 2 hours after consuming something with dairy in it.

Dietary restrictions: Some people need to exclude dairy because of medication they are on and others choose to exclude dairy for ethical reasons.

Potential health risks: Dairy products are one of the leading sources of saturated fat in American diets. They also contain cholesterol and high levels of insulin. These items can lead to many health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and coronary artery disease. Some consumers choose to avoid cow’s milk because of potential contaminants such as antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones.

There are now so many plant based milks at your local grocery store! You never have to worry about running out of options again. But what is the best non-diary milk

Almond milk is a great option for people who don’t want many calories or lots of sugar.

We’ve been drinking almond milk for years now, and I didn’t think much of it until… I was on Facebook one day while scrolling through my newsfeed when someone posted something that made me reconsider my position.

…beekeepers actually look after the bees for honey. They get fed and thrive, but on the other hand sending bees for almond gardens is a death sentence for many bees. Should we stop having almond milk then? It’s more ethical and probably better for bees.


‘Like sending bees to war’: the deadly truth behind your almond milk obsession

Is there anything we can do to avoid sending so many creatures to their deaths?

Is there anything we can do to feed the ever-increasing human population that is environmentally friendly?

I’m sometimes tempted to throw my hands up and declare “I’m done.” There’s nothing we can do.

But, that isn’t me, and it’s not good for my mental health. So I’ll keep making decisions that at the time are at least a better alternative than the one I made the day before.

So, which non-dairy milk is best when you consider health, other beings, and sustainability?

What is the most sustainable plant-based milk in today’s market? Plant “milks” are the most popular vegan food products of the 21st century, and for good reason. Nearly 70% of the world population suffers from some degree of lactose intolerance. The carbon footprint of the dairy industry is also growing and decidedly unsustainable. But with regards to sustainability, not all plant milks are created equal. This video is dedicated to uncovering the truth behind the environmental impact and sustainability of the most popular plant-based milks in the world.

The Best Non-Dairy Milks

Based on this list the top 5 sustainable milks are:

5. Oat Milk
4. Peanut Milk
3. Pea Milk
2. Coconut Milk
1. Hemp Milk

I’m not a fan of peanut milk, and I’m already sensitive to peanuts, so I just eat them on rare occasions. In addition, if the children wanted to take milk to school, they couldn’t do it.

The main challenge, is that I have yet to locate peanut milk for sale.

I’m not a fan of coconut milk, either. The saturated fat in coconuts is probably not as harmful as the saturated fat in meats, but it has been linked to increases in cholesterol.

We don’t require dairy or non-dairy milks, which are more of a luxury and should be regarded as such.

Of all the dairy alternatives in the top five, oat, pea, and hemp milk, appear to be fantastic choices. I love that Oat milk is available for purchase at our local Costco.

Dr. Campbell says that oat milk is high in sugar and he does not recommend it for people who want to drink a non-dairy milk. Instead, try nut milks!

Almond Milk: I like the nut milks the best, but it’s important that you only choose unsweetened varieties.

Although this non-dairy milk isn’t the greenest option, it may be most beneficial to your health.

Which Non-Dairy Milk is the Healthiest?

The rice milk and the coconut milk and the almond milk are very low in protein. So if you’re looking to get a protein source like a vegetarian or plant-based protein source, these are not very good.

Soy has about four grams of fat per cup, and again, these are healthier fats than the fats that you might find in a 2% milk, but it’s equivalent in the amount of fat. Oat milk, about three grams. It depends on the brand. Coconut milk is a little bit higher. It’s about six grams of fat. I don’t really see the benefit to coconut milk. It’s higher in saturated fats, although now we know that the saturated fat in coconut is probably not as detrimental to cardiovascular health as we once thought, but I think the jury is still out, and I wouldn’t be taking a lot of saturated fats from coconut products right now.

If you’re simply pursuing health, the milk you choose will be determined by your present health objectives and your perception of saturated fat dangers.

Also, if you’re using your non-dairy milk in your tea, see the video below?

What About Coconuts, Coconut Milk, and Coconut Oil MCTs?

Are You Using Soy Milk In Your Tea?

Soy Milk Suppression?

Remember, you don’t require any kind of milk.

None of these plant milks are amazing in any particular health-promoting way. So drinking more is not better. Have a serving or two a day for cereal, perhaps as a drink ingredient, or for cooking and baking, but I don’t see any value at all in drinking glass after glass of any of this stuff. In fact, I worry when my patients are getting many of their calories in liquid form. Use your teeth and chew some whole foods.

So, what’s the best non-dairy milk? I’m not sure.

I’m going to compare Costco’s organic oat milk with unsweetened almond milk on the sugar level.

I’m looking forward to trying hemp milk. However, I believe my strategy will simply be to reduce non-dairy milk consumption.

I’ll consider it a treat, not something I do every day.

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