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Check out the an interview with Kelly McGonigal, to see if her book The Willpower Instinct is something you would like to read or listen to.

Scroll down below for the Willpower Instinct PDF free download.

I often find that when I need extra willpower, listen to stories about willpower really does help to strengthen my resolve. Something about listening to crazy feats of willpower seems to make me think if they can do that, then I’m sure I can say no to the chocolate bar.

Example, if David Blaine can fast for 44 days, then I can make it hours till lunch.

The book contains a number of studies really showing that willpower is just like a muscle, it gets tired and it can be strengthened.

Experiment with your willpower and test the studies for yourself and see what really works for you.

I hope this helps you too.

The Willpower Instinct PDF

Download: The Willpower Instinct PDF version

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