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5 Science-Based Tips to Get Motivated Every Day

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Motivation is like a gas tank. The more you use it, the less of it there will be in your reserves, but luckily science has discovered ways to replenish motivation so that we can always have enough to get things done.

Motivation isn’t something tangible; rather, it’s how we are able to achieve our goals and dreams by getting out of bed in the morning or doing any task with energy and enthusiasm. But this natural resource comes at a cost: when used up over time without being renewed, burnout occurs – meaning one can no longer work or do tasks efficiently because they feel too discouraged after expending all their mental resources on just those activities for days straight while under pressure from deadlines (or feeling excessively tired).

Fortunately, it’s possible to refuel motivation levels and keep them up by incorporating a few strategies into one’s lifestyle.

Here are five science-based tips to get motivated every day:

Find a way to feel like you are making a difference.

A study of people raising money for students, done by the University of Michigan, conclusively showed that when fundraisers talked to those students who benefited from their efforts, they were able raise more donations. This is because talking with them increased beneficiaries’ ability to make an emotional connection and get support – 171%!

People can easily increase how much good they are doing in this world if we take time out often enough talk those we are helping – both at home, online or at work. The effects last long after each conversation has ended too: one single chat increased donors’ fundraising abilities up by as much as 171%.

Reward yourself often.

It is amazing how often we fail to reward ourselves for our hard work or see any progress as an achievement in itself, but what if you had more immediate rewards? These could be anything such as small treats or even just doing something nice for yourself after completing certain tasks.

If I’m really struggling to get myself to do something, I might reward myself as often as every few minutes with a quick game of Candy Crush, until I have built up more momentum in the task or project where the reward is not needed.

The zen of productivity is all in the details. One way to achieve this, as I’ve recently learned, is by breaking tasks into smaller goals and then celebrating those milestones – it’s not only fun but also very effective!

By breaking tasks down into smaller goals, and then celebrating those milestones when we reach them, our productivity increases.

The key to getting anything done is overcoming the fear of doing it in a way that makes you feel like you’re making progress rather than feeling overwhelmed by what still needs to be accomplished. Celebrating your achievements along the way helps with this self-motivation because they provide concrete evidence for why being productive matters so much – not just finishing things, but also enjoying some sense of accomplishment as often as possible on the journey there!

It’s important to pace yourself.

You should never push yourself too hard. If you do, it might backfire and make things worse for you in the long run.

Pushing ourselves to our limits is not always a good idea; if we overwork ourselves, there will be consequences later on as well as now!

Pace your energy so it doesn’t run out and leave you feeling exhausted by the end of the day!

If we don’t take advantage of our own natural circadian rhythms or eat properly during waking hours, then there is no way we can maintain an optimum level of concentration over time with adequate focus on quality performance tasks such as problem solving through logic and reasoning.

Exercise regularly.

Exercising on a regular basis will not only help you maintain a healthy weight but also improve your mood by releasing endorphins into your system which can make you feel happier overall! 

Studies show that those who are healthy, stay motivated longer.

If you feel lethargic or experience chronic fatigue, a short daily walk to get your blood pumping is an easy activity that will increase your metabolism and mood.

Distract your brain from discouraging self talk.

The reason we procrastinate on doing things is often because of our self talk. We tell ourselves that tasks or projects will take longer or be harder than they actually are. “I can’t possibly finish that today” or “heck, I’ll never be able to do it right”.

This is because we underestimate our own abilities and think too much of the worst case scenario. It’s just human nature. But what if we could change this situation? One way to get motivated every day is to distract your brain from discouraging self talk by keeping it occupied.

Watch your phone or tv while doing the laundry. Listen to a book while cleaning up. We put a mini tv on our kitchen counter with Chromcast, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen, food prep all mean that I can watch Netflix or YouTube vidoes.

It’s no secret that motivation is important for success. Whether you want to get in shape, focus on your work or improve your relationships, there are many ways to motivate yourself and others.

The key is finding what works for YOU and then sticking with it!

What helps keep you motivated each day? Let us know in the comments below so we can all learn from each other!


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