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25+ Inspirational January Letter Board Quotes for a Fresh Start

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If you’re looking for a fun way to bring some life into your home, why not try out a letter board? Letter boards are the perfect way to express yourself in a witty and creative manner. Whether it’s for your bedroom wall or your living room mantelpiece, these quotes will make any space feel more inviting. 

Here are some of the top letter board quotes that you can use this January: 

Happy New Year

“New Year, New Me (at least I’m trying)” – Perfect for those who have made New Year resolutions that they want to stick with! 

“Cheers To A New Year” – Celebrate the start of 2023 in style with this classic quote. 

“Namaste In Bed” – Embrace your inner yogi and stay cozy indoors during the winter months. 

“Let’s Get This Bread” – A nod to our favorite meme culture! 

“Eat More Vegetables” – A reminder to eat healthy in the new year.  

“2022 Is Outta Here” – Celebrate this momentous occasion with a jubilant quote. 

“Grow Through What You Go Through” – A reminder to stay strong and keep growing even during difficult times. 

“Make It Happen” – An inspirational quote for those who are determined to make their dreams a reality. 

“Be Kind Always” – A gentle reminder to practice kindness and spread joy in 2023. 

“It’s All Good Vibes Here” – A great way to promote positive energy in the home!  

“Let’s Make 2023 A Year To Remember” – A powerful and uplifting quote to get your year off to a great start. 

Funny January Letter Board Quotes

I can’t believe I forgot to go to the gym today! That’s 7 years in a row now.

“Couch Potato Goals 2023” – A funny quote for those who like to stay comfy at home. 

“A Messy House Is A Happy House” – Perfect for those who prefer a relaxed atmosphere in their dwelling! 

“My New Year’s Resolution: Naps & Snacks” – An amusing quote that can make anyone smile. 

“2022 Had Too Many Surprises, I’m Sticking To Netflix This Year” – A hilarious way to express your wariness of the unknown.  

“The Bed Is Calling And I Must Go” – Who hasn’t felt this during the winter months?   

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” – A lighthearted reminder to focus on the good. 

“I’m Here For The Snacks & Friends” – Perfect for a get together with your besties!  

“Carbs Are Life” – An amusing quote that all carb lovers can relate to. 

“If You Can’t Handle Me At My Worst, Unfollow Me On Instagram” – An entertaining way to express yourself online. 

“Netflix & Chill Until 2023 Is Over” – Because we could all use some extra time in our pjs!

Sarcastic January Letter Board Quotes

Emotionally Stable As An Ikea Table XO

“2023: Same Sh*t, Different Year” – A sarcastic way to express your feelings about the new year. 

“No New Friends In 2023” – Perfect for those who are content with their current circle of friends. 

“Cheers To Another Year Of Adulting” – A funny way to embrace the responsibilities that come with adulthood. 

“I’d Rather Be Reading My Book” – For all the introverts out there!  

“Don’t Worry, I’m Still Here (For Now)” – Playful sarcasm for when you want a laugh but don’t want to be too serious.   

“2022 Can Burn In Hell” – A humorous way to express your distaste for 2022. 

“2023 Is The Year Of Doing Nothing” – An amusing quote for those who are looking forward to a lazy year. 

“Sorry, I’m Not Sorry” – Perfect for anyone who wants to express their no-nonsense attitude!   

“Let’s Get This Over With” – A funny way to look on the bright side of 2023! 

“I’m So Glad It’s 2023 Now I Have Someone To Blame For My Problems”– A hilarious take on how we tend to view the new year.

Motivational Letter Board Quotes for January

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

“Dream Big, Start Small” – A great mantra for achieving your goals. 

“The Best Is Yet To Come” – Positive thinking will get us through the tumultuous times of 2023.  

“Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight” – A reminder to stay persistent and dedicated to your dreams. 

“Make Every Day Count”– An inspiring quote that encourages mindful living. 

“Focus On The Good Stuff”– An uplifting way to keep your spirits up in the new year!  

“Let Your Light Shine Brightly In 2023″– A powerful quote that reminds us to stay true to ourselves.   

“Be Fearless In The Pursuit Of What Sets Your Soul On Fire”– A beautiful reminder to live life to the fullest.  

“Eat Healthily To Start The Year Off Right”– An important reminder to prioritize your health in the new year. 

“Focus On Yourself & Let Go Of Fear”– A motivating quote that reminds us to be courageous in our endeavors. 

“Make Positive Changes That Will Last Beyond 2023″– A great way to start the year off with intention and purpose! 

Rude Letter Board Quotes for January

“2023 Is Just Another Year and The Same Old Sh*t Show” – A humorous way to voice your frustrations. 

“Go Away 2023, I’m Not Ready For You Yet” – Perfect for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed about the new year.

“You Can’t Sit With Us 2023″– A rude yet amusing way to express yourself.   

“Ugh, Here We Go Again 2023″– An entertaining way to make light of an otherwise stressful situation.  

“If I Wanted This Sh*t I’d Have Asked Santa For It”– A funny quote that will make you chuckle in spite of yourself!   

“Welcome To 2023, Now Get Out” – A humorous way to express your irritation with the new year. 

“2023 Is Not Impressed With You”– A funny yet sassy quote that will make you chuckle.   

“In 2023 I’m Just Here For The Free Stuff”– Perfect for anyone who loves a good laugh!  

“What Are We Doing Here In 2023? I Don’t Know And Neither Do You”– An amusing take on how we often feel about the start of a new year! 

Office Letter Board Quotes for Janaury

But First Coffee

“2023: Year of New Beginnings” – A great reminder to focus on the positive in the new year.

“Make Your Mark On 2023” – An inspiring quote to motivate you to take action.

“Work Hard and Be Kind In 2023” – A great motto for any office space!

“Focus On Progress, Not Perfection” – A powerful reminder that we can achieve our goals even if they aren’t perfect. 

“Be The Change You Wish To See In 2023”– An uplifting way to remind yourself and others what’s important this year.  

“No Limits For Those Who Dare To Dream Big In 2023” – A great way to encourage yourself and others to take risks.

“Find Your Passion And Make It Happen In 2023”– An inspiring quote that will motivate you to pursue your dreams.

“Make This Year Count, Invest Wisely In 2023″– An important reminder to think before we act. 

“Stay Positive in the Face of Adversity”– A powerful phrase that reminds us to keep going despite challenging times. 

“Start Small and Take Big Steps in 2023″– An encouraging way to remind yourself that small wins add up!

Letter boards offer a great way to add a touch of personality and humor to any room. From funny quotes to inspirational sayings, there is no shortage of ways you can show off your unique style and make each day a little brighter. These January letter board quotes are sure to bring some laughs and smiles into your home. So grab your letter board and get creative!

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