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Best Facial Exercises for Jowls & Double Chin

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Can facial exercises for jowls really work?

Muscles Decline with Age

Once you start to see gravity and or age take its toll on your face, you might start understanding why people get cosmetic procedures done.

I can’t say I believe that facial yoga is our way to a natural face lift, I don’t no if jowl exercise will improve or prevent sagging jowls, but the idea seems very plausible.

It’s not till your late 20s, early 30s that your muscle mass starts to decline, it would make sense that the muscle in your face would decline as well.

Unless, you work out those muscles to counteract it.

As your facial muscle declines the skin will sag and your jaw line will slowly disappear.

Consistent Exercise is the Key

The unfortunate part, just as most coveted things in life, seeing any improvement or any change at all is going to take consistency, regular face exercises to be rid of jowls.

I’ve heard facial yoga or facial exercise experts say family and friends noticed enough of a difference in 5 weeks to ask their clients what they were doing.

Because I am not, and you too are probably not a facial yoga expert, I suggest giving it a good 12 weeks.

I will be doing 12 weeks of daily facial exercises.

If you want to follow along, remember to listen to your body, to your face. In a normal workout regimen you would have rest days.

Facial Exercises For Jowls

This video is a quick, easy face yoga exercise to get rid of a double chin and jowls, taught by Fumiko Takatsu who has written 5 best selling books on facial exercises.

According to Fumiko, our chins and necklines are one of the easiest areas on our face to firm up. Which makes it perfect for our little experiment.

Turkey necks are attractive–if you’re a turkey. If you’re a human…maybe not so much. So what to do about sagging neck muscles? One option may be face yoga to tone and firm, according to yoga teacher Annelise Hagen, author of The Yoga Face.

I loved to hear if facial yoga has worked for you.

Because I want it to work so badly, I know creams don’t work and the next best thing would seem to be fillers. Although I’ve read a few scary stories of a bad outcomes using them.

I always opt for the natural root first.

Myth Vs. Fact: The Truth About Facial Fillers


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