What Your Baby’s Cry Means

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I was lucky enough, while pregnant with my first little one, to find the Pregtastic podcast. Even though they are no longer producing new shows, I highly recommend listening to their old shows if you’re expecting.

It was during one of their podcasts I learned about the Dunstan Baby Language.

I was super excited to get the DVD. Now I’m super excited to be able to share the Dunstan Baby Language with you.

It has been awhile since I watched the DVD, but after watching the Oprah Show with Priscilla Dunstan, I can say that everything you need to know about the Dunstan Baby Language is in there.

I’ve heard some parents say it didn’t help them understand their baby’s cries, but the majority said it did. It was dead on with my two little ones. Maybe it will be dead on for the third. 🙂

What Your Baby's Cry Means

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