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30 Days of Yoga – Yoga by Adriene

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Yoga by Adriene

If you haven’t taken one of Adriene’s classes I’m sure you will love her down to earth, funny and relaxed (well yeah, she’s teaching yoga. This isn’t rage yoga, right!) personality.

When I give people advice on the best exercises to do, yoga is always at the top of my list.

But for many, myself included, it is often one of the hardest to actually do. Not because it’s hard, but because it’s hard. lol It’s slower.

When you’re practicing mindfulness, time slows down, which should be a good thing, except our brains are so used to rush, rush, rush, it resists, we find it tedious and boring.

The purpose of working out is to grow, mentally and physically. If you are resisting starting a regular yoga practice, it’s probably something you really need to do for your mental health as well as physical.

Take this awesome 30 day challenge, just to see how impactful this type of practice can be.

Track Your 30 Day’s of Yoga with this free bullet journal style printable.


If your looking for a full year tracker be sure to check out my 3 goal tracking printables.


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