286 Catchy No Smoking Slogans That Will Motivate You To Quit

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Quitting smoking may be difficult, but hearing the correct words might be enough to inspire you to give up. People would never believe that words, on their own, can alter how we think about smoking and truly influence whether or not we experience nicotine withdrawal.

A Few Quotes on Smoking

“Quitting smoking is easy, I’ve done it hundreds of times.” – Mark Twain

“Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.” – Brooke Shields

“Smoking is one of the leading causes of all statistics.” – Liza Minnelli

“Smoking is like paying someone to kill you slowly.” – Unknown

But I can tell you from personal experience of attempting to quit more times than I care to remember that when I finally gave up for good, it was because of the things I read. And there were no withdrawals.

I hope one of these anti-smoking messages resonates with you and motivates you to take action. I truly recommend you read The Easy Way if you truly want to quit smoking.

How to Quit Smoking The Easy Way

A smoker is giving up his today and tomorrow as well.

A cigarette a day takes your life away.

A cigarette is a barrier where life stops.

A cigarette is a Fool Man’s tool.

A cigarette is a poison that kills you slowly.

A cigarette is your ticket to death.

Arsenic kills if you swallow it. Tobacco kills if you smoke it.

Be A Fighter; Put Down The Lighter.

Be Cool – Don’t Be a Smoking Fool.

Be Cool, Don’t be a Fool.

Be important, don’t be impotent.

Be smart. Don’t start.

Be smart…quit smoking.

Before you light the cigar, think about others inhaling air

Breathe healthily, live happily.

Bullying is like smoking, it can kill.

Buying cigarette, costs you your life.

Cancer cures smoking.

Cancer is no joke,

Choice is yours but don’t be late.

Choose your family over a cigarette.

Cigarette and smoke make your life a joke.

Cigarette burns our lungs. Stop smoking.

Cigarette fills your life with smoke.

Cigarette is the villain of your life.

Cigarette you smoke,

Cigarette: A devil in the packet.

Cigarettes are cancer sticks

Cigarettes are killers that travel in packs.

Cigarettes burn holes in your pocket.

Cigarettes: You take my breath away.

Cough twice for Philip Morris.

Destroy your smoking habit before it destroys you.

Did you know your mouth is on fire?

Ditch that pipe, for the sake of your life

Do it before it’s too late.

Don’t be a Butthead.

Don’t be a slave of tobacco.

Don’t be a wacko, stop tobacco!

Don’t be in doubt, just put cigarettes out

Don’t burn your life with cigarettes.

Don’t fill your lungs with tar;

Don’t give up your lungs,

Don’t kill yourself and us too

Don’t let anyone fool you by teaching you to smoke.

Don’t let tobacco kill you.

Don’t let your future go up in smoke.

Don’t let your life be destroyed by yourself.

Don’t make an ash of yourself

Don’t pout, put it out.

Don’t puff your life away

Don’t smoke – there are cooler ways to die

Don’t smoke you will choke!

Don’t smoke, it’s not a joke.

Don’t smoke…stop making yourself a gas chamber.

Don’t take their breath away

Don’t turn your lungs into ashes;

Don’t you realize the difference between the non-smoker you and the smoker you?

Eliminate smoking from your life,

Enjoy an anti-smoking life.

Every drag of a cigarette takes away 2 seconds from your life.

Everyone has a right to clean air.

Extinguish a cigarette today, and light up your life.

Fill your lungs with fresh air, not with a tar

Give up smoking, choose happiness.

Hang tough, don’t puff.

Have you ever counted the amount of money that you have spent on smoking?

He died early, he was in hurry…He smoked.

He smoked, she smoked, now both are lying in the graveyard.

He was smart until he started smoking.

He who smokes is not your friend.

His smoke is my enemy.

I don’t dig your cig.

I like smoking, it kills off a lot of stupid people

I quit because my kids love me.

I used to live happily until I started smoking.

I want to breathe freely… Discourage Passive Smoking.

If they force you to smoke they are not your friends.

If you are a smoker, that means you are paying some companies to kill you.

If you can’t quit smoking, that means you don’t love yourself enough.

If you can’t stop smoking, cancer will.

if you like deep wrinkles.

If you smoke, then you are harming yourself.

Is smoking good for business? Not if you want long-term customers.

It will make your life ugly as a scar.

Just give up cigarettes.

Just put down that cigarette

Just put down that smoke

Keep saying from tomorrow; keep harming your life.

Keep smoking to TORTURE your Health;

Kill the cigarettes or they kill you.

Kill your bad habits, not yourself!

Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray.

Learn to love yourself. Learn to live an anti-smoking life.

Learn you enjoy without a cigarette.

Let the air be pure. Stop smoking.

Let there be the light of wisdom and not of cigarette.

Life is beautiful; don’t make it painful.

Life is precious, smoking is dangerous

Life is short. Don’t make it shorter by smoking.

Lions, and Tigers and Bears oh my… Drinking and Smoking and Drugs? Goodbye!

Lipstick looks better on lips than cigarettes.

Listen to your lungs that begging to quit smoking.

Listen to your lungs, they are crying.

Live it or Burn it…

Live your life to the fullest. Quit smoking.

Love cigarette and become lonely.

Lung cancer is no joke;

Lungs.. smoke-free zone.

No-Smoking BACKUPs your health

No-Smoking CURES your health

No-Smoking ENSURES your health

Not only you are harming yourself when you smoke, but you are also are harming people around you.

One decision to quit smoking.

People are haters of smokers.

Please keep smoking, our planet is overcrowded

Put down the cigarettes and lighter;

Put down the smoking pipe;

Put it down.

Put it out before it puts you out.

Quit and stay healthy.

Quit before it kills you

Quit it! One day you would be proud of yourself for this decision

Quit Smoking and be a Hero.

Quit smoking and be a real hero for your family.

Quit smoking and start living.

Quit smoking because you love your child.

Quit smoking before it’s too late.

Quit smoking before smoking quits you.

Quit smoking for your own good.

Quit smoking now or regret it later.

Quit smoking now!

Quit smoking. Do it for your loved ones.

Quit smoking. It kills!

Quit smoking. It’s now or never.

Quit smoking. Save yourself for the people who love you.

Quit smoking…Fly away from the dirty cloud of smoke.

Quitting has never felt so good!

Reject today or regret it later

Save Money – Quit Smoking!

Save your lungs, save your life.

Save yourself. No smoking.

Say bye to smoking, say hello to life.

Say no to smoking.

Say NO to tobacco

Say sorry to cigarettes.

Say yes to life.

Second hand smoking kills

Share clean air.

Smart folks don’t use smokes.

Smart people don’t smoke.

Smoke and choke.

Smoke away your worries, not your lungs.

Smoke can cause a slow and painful death.

Smoke. Stink. Die.

Smokers are jokers – Don’t smoke.

Smokers are losers.

Smokers don’t last long…Wise men do.

Smoking – Suicide for Cowards.

Smoking- a doorway to death

Smoking- A Grave Mistake

Smoking and coughing live together.

Smoking BATTERS your Health. No-Smoking BETTERS your health.

Smoking can cause a slow and painful death

Smoking can never be a need.

Smoking causes holes in your pocket.

Smoking causes lung cancer.

Smoking cigarettes is so yesterday.

Smoking destroys not only you but your friends around also.

Smoking destroys you.

Smoking doesn’t make you cool but fool.

Smoking doesn’t make you cool.. quitting smoking does.

Smoking FAIL your Health. No-Smoking BAIL your health.

Smoking goes away…my lungs want to breathe every day.

Smoking helps you lose weight- One lung at a time.

Smoking INJURES your Health. No-Smoking INSURES your health.

Smoking is a game, you always lose.

Smoking is a sign of weakness.

Smoking is bad and makes your life sad.

Smoking is Choking.

Smoking is dangerous.

Smoking is handshake with death.

Smoking is like match-fixing..match-fixing with death.

Smoking is like paying someone to kill you. They’re rich; you’re dead

Smoking is like smoke before the fire.

Smoking is not a joke. It causes cancer when you smoke.

Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics.

Smoking is very glamorous, if you like deep wrinkles

Smoking isn’t good.

Smoking Kills

Smoking kills millions of lives.

Smoking kills.

Smoking makes your life hell.

Smoking makes you dumb.

Smoking makes you ill because it has a license to kill

Smoking makes you ugly

Smoking PACK-UP your Health. No-Smoking BACK-UP your health.

Smoking prevents old age

Smoking prohibited. PEZing allowed.

Smoking pushes you away from your life and friends.

Smoking puts your life on fire.

Smoking SCARES your Health. No-Smoking CARES your health.

Smoking shortens your life.
Smoking SLICE your Health. No-Smoking SPLICE your health.
Smoking Stinks!
Smoking takes you on an asthmatic trip.
Smoking the dope won’t help you cope.
Smoking thrills but kills.
Smoking thrills, but it also kills

Smoking TORTURE your Health. No-Smoking NURTURE your health.

Smoking? You must be joking…

Smoking…a Grave Mistake.

Sometimes quitters do win. Quit Smoking

Stay healthy and stop smoking.

Stink. Die

Stop calling cancer.

Stop it Stupid!

Stop smoking and enjoy your life.

Stop smoking before smoke stops you

Stop smoking if you love your family.

Stop smoking now.

Stop smoking, or you will be croaking.

Stop smoking, start Jogging.

Stop smoking. Start living.

Stop smoking. Your life is precious.

Stop Smoking..Be responsible.

Stop smoking…make the world a smoke-free zone.

Stop smoking-there are better ways to fire up your life.

Stop wasting your wealth on buying death.

Take a pledge to make the world free of cigarettes.

Tar looks better on roads, not on your lungs.

Tar the roads, not your lungs.

That vacant chair…belonged to the expired smoker.

The “Marlboro Man” died of lung cancer.

The cigarette does the smoking – you’re just the sucker.

The Cigarette is dead.

The cigarette that you smoke affects little lungs as well.

There are better hobbies than smoking.

There are cooler ways to die than smoking.

There are many other ways to look cool.

Think before lighting another cigarette.

Think before you continue to smoke.

Think smoking is cool then you are a fool.

Thousands of people stop smoking every day — by dying.

Tobacco companies kill their best customers

Tobacco is for wacko

Tobacco kills

Tobacco or Health: Choose Health.

Today’s smoker, tomorrow’s ghost.

Too much smoke will leave you broke.

Trash the Ash.

We say no smoking.

Who says being a quitter is a bad thing?

With each cigarette you smoke, you add another nail to your coffin

You can act cool while smoking. But smoking isn’t cool.

You can live without it.

You don’t want to smell my butt… don’t make me smell yours.

You smoke and I suffocate.

You smoke, you die early, you save the government money.

You started smoking of your own will. Now you have to quit smoking yourself.

You take my breath away.

Your health is in your hands.

Your life is a gift. Don’t waste it on smoking.

Your lungs are not Chimneys- Stop smoking.

Your lungs don’t deserve tar

Your Money Going Up in Smoke.

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