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How Far Is 10,000 Steps?

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It is estimated that the average person takes about 5000-7000 steps per day.  That doesn’t sound too far, does it?

When you consider that on some days you may take far less than 5000 steps (because of your daily activities), while on other days you might easily take twice as many or more, you begin to see how 10000 steps is not such an ambitious daily goal after all. It’s actually very realistic and can help you get in shape and improve your health and fitness at the same time!

So just how far is 10,000 steps? Ten thousand steps is about eight kilometers or if you like miles, it’s just about 5 miles, but this will vary depending on your stride length.

TIP: Wear your step tracker on a treadmill to get a good estimate of steps to distance.

So what does this mean? It means that the 10000 step target is a very achievable amount of daily walking for most people. Build up slowly and don’t try to increase your steps too quickly, you should find it pretty easy to adjust.

If you have a smart phone, there are many free apps that can help track your daily walking or running steps. As well as some very cool wearable trackers.

My favorite is the Fitbit, because of the community, challenges and games provided to keep motivation going.

Routine and motivation are key to keeping movement up throughout the day, as it’s so easy remain at rest during the day, especially when you have a desk job.

I know.

But nothing will get you up, enjoying a short walk on your breaks like friendly competition.

Motivated To Get Moving – How To Get Your 10,000 + Steps In

If you’ve been listening to Katy Says, and you should, or you’ve read her book Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement, you have a nagging urge to get more nutritious movement into your life.

And the number one nutritious movement like getting your vegetables, is walking.

We all know that, right? We all know we should walk more, but who needs to in this day and age.

Heck, I just started pre ordering my groceries, so when I pull up to the store, a guy brings it out to me.

I’m not being sexist here, it’s always been this same guy, I swear he never leaves the store.

So how do we walk more? I’m a huge fan of gamification, find that extra motivation to move more by turning your movement into a game.

This may be more motivating to those with the competitive gene. I’m pretty sure there is a competitive gene, have you done your 23andme DNA profile yet?

But there are a few games out there, where you don’t need to be motivated by kicking another’s ass. 🙂

Side note: I’m writing this, while walking on the treadmill so I can take down my current opponent in BattleSteps.

Ok, I’m just going to create a list here of the games, apps, fitness trackers and anything else I’ve found helpful. If you want more specific information on each one.

I’ll be adding more info throughout the week. Otherwise, you can just click on the link of each one to check them out for yourself.


Achieve Mint

Check back for more walking motivation. As I find new apps I’ll be sure to add them here. If you have any, I’d love to see them in the comments below.

StepBet App – Bet You’ll be Motivated To Get Steps In

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If battling it out with an opponent doesn’t get you walking, check out yesterdays post on BattleSteps, how about the thought of losing money, or maybe better yet the thought of winning money.

StepBet is an app where you can join in on a game of steps, for around $40.

You are betting on yourself that you can accomplish the daily required steps, determined by your previous step history.

If successful, all the participants in this bet share the overall pot money, after the company deducts 25% to take care of costs.

If it happens that all the participants are successful in fulfilling their individual goals, though these cases are rare, the company fails to take its cut of the pot money.

How a User Participates

The game is usually 6 weeks long. The first week is usually the warm-up week when no one gets eliminated. Charges for the service vary but most of the time is $40.

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  • Select “Join Game!”.
  • Choose your source of steps to be given your personalized step goals
  • Place your bet to join the game.
  • Begin the challenge and start stepping!!

It is important to note that the there is no specific goal that each and every participant must reach but rather each participant must reach his or her individual step goal every week or they stand a chance to be eliminated.

The goals are divided into stretch goals and active goals.

Active goals are those that are achieved in the four active days of the week while stretch goals are achieved in the remaining two days. The participants get one rest day.

These goals are set after calculations are made using step history extracted from the participants’ trackers once the trackers are connected.

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Some of the trackers used by this app include:

  • iPhone Apple Health through phone
  • Android S Health through phone
  • Android Google Fit through phone
  • iPhone Apple Watch
  • iPhone Fitbit
  • Android Fitbit

Cheating in the Game

Cheating is not tolerated and indulgence in any form of it will lead eventual disqualification.

The data is closely monitored from the trackers and any suspicious tendencies are flagged. The participants may be asked to present additional information on their phone or trackers if they are flagged.

Pros of the game

StepBet makes the process of adding more movement to your day more interesting by introducing money to be won or lost.

There is zero risk of losing your money as long as you complete your daily goals. You’re not really betting because, the game is completely under your control.

You have two opposing motivations working for you. The fear of loss, of losing your money and the positive motivation for the chance to win money.

Cons of the game

The major flaw with this game is, a person may get disallowed from the game if his or her tracker fails to record his or her progress for just a day.

The StepBet app is an awesome game as well as a great community that greatly motivates its users to make more steps by combining the thrill of risking money and personal goal achievement to achieve a healthier version of themselves.

The average money money won ranges from $8 – $16, which is a pretty kick ass investment of $40 if you ask me.

StepBet PotPin

My only concern is when I join a new game in six weeks how much more will my step goal increase.

But we shall see. So far I’m loving it.

BattleSteps: An Epic Fitness Game


BattleSteps is one of the best walking apps found in the iTunes store and in Google Play.

BattleSteps app has pretty much every feature needed to not only motivate you to get lots of movement each day, but it also offers the motivation to keep you moving throughout the day.

Each day, BattleSteps matches you with a different opponent.

The app randomly chooses an opponent through the use of a smart algorithm based on your recent level of activity, your time zone, and your average daily steps.

You are then expected to compete with your opponent over a 12 hour period, which starts at 8 am and ends at 8 pm, although the starting time can be adjusted if you pay to upgrade.

Every hour, you are rewarded with a star for defeating your opponent.

The reward includes 1 star for 50+ steps, 2 stars for 250+ steps, and 3 starts for 1000+ steps.

At the end of the 12 hours, the overall winner is the person who archives the highest total steps over the day. The overall winner is awarded a trophy for every 1000 steps.

Having a new opponent every day and having both hourly and daily rewards provides a good motivation for getting more movement in.

The suspense of getting a new opponent each day makes the app engaging, reducing the boredom.

The ability to message and interact with your opponent also makes the app fun and friendly.

Each day is different because each opponent will walk more or less then your previous opponent, creating challenging days and easier days.

And you never know what you will get. This interaction makes it more likely to keep daily movement in the back of your mind., making walking more engaging and exciting.

The continual star rewards though out the day also provides you with motivation to keep moving.

Through the hourly rewards, you get the excitement of defeating your opponent 12 times a day.

Each of the hourly battles can be considered as a battle on its own, motivating you to fight small battles throughout the day and therefore win the ultimate battle by the end of the day.

Further, you can look forward to the bragging rights you get after defeating your opponent at the day.

The app is free to download and play, but you have to actually hold your phone to get your steps it. I’m not a fan of keeping my phone so close that much during the day, and I often put my phone down and forget where it is, making me lose a number of steps throughout the day.

For my husband it works great because he is on a job site, walking around. He keeps his phone in his lower leg pocket.

For me, because this app has motivated me like nothing else to keep moving throughout the day, I right away, traded my sister for curling iron for her Fitbit. lol

And upgraded for the month to try it out. I’m pretty sure I’ll upgrade for the year.

My new morning ritual is to jump up to grab my phone, send my new opponent a friendly taunt, and ask if they are ready to lose today. 😉

Most of the time it’s not too hard. Because I’m playing a few other games in other apps where I need to get at least 10,000 steps in. But some days I find a playing who really challenges me, then I add them as a friend so we can battle again another day.

So come join me on BattleSteps if you need some extra movement motivation.

Search for Casey S. I’m the one with the monkey. 🙂


How Much Should I Walk to Lose Weight?

The answer is simple, it’s all about calories. To lose weight you need to burn more than what you consume in food and drink every day. You can do this by walking for an hour a day or just 10 minutes per hour! A great way to start your journey on the road of fitness and health!

When you’re walking in the right direction, all you have to do is keep going to lose weight!

Everyone knows how essential exercise is for our overall health, as well as how we feel about ourselves – both of which are crucial.

Building muscle and losing fat is easier than you think, but not without the right plan.

Here’s how it works: instead of following popular plans that promise a six-pack or sculpted glutes if only we work harder (which are hard on your body), all an individual needs to do one thing differently from their current lifestyle will make dramatic changes in size–without having intense training sessions every day!

10 Benefits that Make Morning Walking Worth It!

From Visually.

All Around Benefits

◊ Walking is a great way to get your daily dose of exercise and socialization. The cost-effectiveness makes it an appealing option as well, especially when you consider how easy this activity can be!

◊ Not only can it help you to lose weight, but by engaging in a regular walking schedule, you have the ability to reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure as well as improve your blood sugar levels.

The Best Thing is that You Can Do It Anywhere

◊ The weather doesn’t need to cooperate for those who enjoy going for walks. A walk in the park, on a treadmill or on a track are all equally effective ways to get your daily dose of exercise.

◊ You can do it at any time of day-morning, noon or night! There’s no excuse not to be walking these days with the number of apps available that track your walking route and monitor how many steps you walk each day.

Start Slow

◊ It’s important to start slow when you’re just beginning a walking routine and gradually increase the amount of time you spend walking as your body gets stronger. This can help to prevent injuries, especially if you haven’t been very active lately.

Don’t Forget to Stretch!

◊ Make sure to stretch before and after each walk; this helps to prevent injuries, as well.

Anatomy of Walking



From Visually.

What’s the Ideal Rate of Weight Loss?

◊ Walking is not just for losing weight but can be used as part of an overall exercise plan that includes other forms of aerobic activity, such as running or jogging, as well.

person walkingPin

The ideal rate of weight loss is dependent on your age and activity level: for example, a pound per week may be acceptable for someone who has never been active before and wants to begin an exercise program; but it may not be enough for those who are already quite active.

◊ When it comes to losing weight, a slow and steady approach is always best. Trying to lose too much weight too quickly can be dangerous for your health and may cause you to regain weight once you’ve stopped dieting.

◊ A good way to determine if you’re losing weight at a healthy pace is to monitor your body fat percentage; if you’re losing muscle as well as fat, then you’re probably dieting too aggressively.

◊ Walking is not only more effective than rigorous intensive workouts in lowering cancer and other illnesses, but it’s also better for you in terms of health. Extremely strenuous exercises can stress the body, which may be harmful to your health. You’ve undoubtedly heard about youngsters dying from heart attacks during a marathon or a lot of jogging.

◊ Walking is a low-impact exercise that doesn’t strain the joints.

Have you got cushioned soles on your walking shoes? Buy yourself some decent ones and do your feet a favor; you’ll feel like you’re walking on air. You will not be sorry if you invest a little more in comfortable walking shoes.

Get out there and walkabout!

The average person spends roughly a third of her or his life sitting. Because our homes and workplaces are more modern, we spend a significant amount of our days sitting, particularly if we have office jobs.

Sedentary habits can help you gain weight and increase your risk of chronic diseases. To maintain a healthy weight, you must walk at least 150 minutes each week – keep it quick.

It’s also possible to walk quickly on flat ground, but it’s not nearly as good for your heart or lungs. You’ll burn a lot more calories if you walk up hills and slight inclines. When people reduce their food intake to lose weight, they frequently shed muscle as well as body fat.

Since muscle burns fat losing muscle is a bit counterproductive. Muscle is metabolically more active than fat; it helps you burn more calories each day. Toning and resistance exercises, which includes walking, help to counter the effects of muscle loss by preserving lean muscle as you lose weight.

Taking regular walks is really the answer to a firm and slim body. But we don’t mean the casual afternoon stroll–you can’t expect to get the benefits without achieving a moderate pace. If you are going to use walking as a way to trim your body, you going to need to up your pace, lengthen your stride, swing your arms and increase the walking pace. If you want the fat to melt away, you have to raise your heartbeat and keep it raised for at least half an hour. If you do this, you will notice a slimmer and more toned physique in a matter of weeks!

Walking is an excellent option for individuals who want to reduce their weight. It helps to prevent the drop in your metabolic rate that frequently occurs with weight loss, making it easier to keep off pounds. Walking also prevents muscular deterioration due on age, allowing you to maintain your muscle strength and function.

Regularly doing aerobic exercises, such as walking, is an excellent method to get rid of abdominal fat.

According to research, obese women who walked three times a week for 50-70 minutes reduced their waist circumferences by 1.1 inches. They also shed 1.5% of their body fat.

Walking, in addition to assisting you in weight reduction, has a variety of advantages.

It improves your mood by lowering stress, anxiety, and sadness. It makes your brain more sensitive to the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and serotonin — these hormones which relieve depression and promote the release of endorphins, making you feel happy. Get out there and walk!

So there you have it! Just by incorporating walking into your current routine, dramatic changes can be seen in the way your body looks and feels. And the best part is that there are no intense workouts necessary-just a commitment to get moving each and every day!

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