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219+ Cute Slime Shop Names | 43 That Aren’t Taken [Video & Infographic]

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Slime is so hot right now, but finding the perfect slime name for your business can be difficult. 

Trying to come up with a short, catchy business name or just a domain name that isn’t taken is like trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet, whilst wearing a blindfold, riding a horse.

We all know that having a good brand name for your company is important. You don’t want to pick something generic or boring, but it’s hard to come up with the perfect clever brand name when you’re in a hurry!

I’ve picked some horrible ones. I can never think of anything catchy or short. Then a few months after I’ve worked on a site, I come up with a better domain name and want to change everything. Please don’t do this, it’s pretty much never worth it.

Never once did I think to see if someone had made up a list of suggested names in the niche I was going for.

I probably would have put more effort in choosing the perfect name after seeing that there are still some cute creative names out there. Like these ones below. If you are in the slime business or getting into the slime business, below are a list of slime shop names that are not taken at the time of publishing this blog post.

If you Googled “Slime Shop Names”, you’ve seen the two sites listing cute slime shop names of active businesses. What is the point of those lists other than to frustrate the reader. Sure, it “might” spark some ideas, but in general it just makes me think that I’m never going to be able to come up with something as cute, unique and catching as all those ideas already taken.

So below are names that I’ve personally checked on GoDaddy and as of June 24, 2019 5:05 p.m. These cute slime shop names where available. But once I hit publish on this blog article, I can make no promises.

I would love to hear from you if you decided to register one of the below names, let us know in the comments below.

Also, if you have any names that you would be willing to share I’d love to add them to the list.

As time goes on I will update the list stating which names are now taken. If you would like to see lists on other niches let me know.

Note: I’m not claiming to be creative or original. I get these lists from different sources and cross check the domains using Godaddy’s domain checker tool. This is just one of the many creative ideas you can implement when starting an online business. Every creative idea, every creative element is worth more than the last one.

You may get ideas from existing slime shop names as well. Combine and match these with the ones above to create a more memorable and distinctive company name.

43 Cute Slime Shop Names That Aren’t Taken

  1. Slime Time –
  2. Interstellar Slimes –
  3. Slima Ma Blob –
  4. Slime Joy –
  5. Slime Love –
  6. Slime Doodle –
  7. Sweeten Slime – SweetenSlime .com
  8. Sweet Slime –
  9. Word Wide Slime –
  10. Slime Handmade –
  11. Slime Moon –
  12. Gentle Slimes –
  13. Sweetheart Slime –
  14. Glitter Slimez –
  15. Fluggy Simez –
  16. DIY Slime – Premium domain
  17. DIY Slimez –
  18. Vacay Slimes –
  19. Pink Slimez –
  20. Unicorn Slimez – Premium Domain
  21. Scented Slime – Premium Domain
  22. Slime Bake Shop –
  23. Ooze Slime –
  24. Ooze Gurus –
  25. Goo Crew – Premium Domain
  26. Goo Squad –
  27. Goo Tribe –
  28. Sparkle Slimez –
  29. Goo Errific –
  30. Goo Slipupific –
  31. Butter Slimez –
  32. Click Crew –
  33. Glitter Dust Slime –
  34. Shimmer Dust –
  35. Shop Slimez –
  36. Mart Slimez –
  37. Store Slimez –
  38. Honey Comb Slimez –
  39. Rocker Slime –
  40. Slimenter –
  41. Slime Time – Premium Domain
  42. Slimentme –
  43. Slime Dirt –
  44. Sparklez N Slime –
  45. Glitterz N Slime –
  46. Twinklez N Slime –
  47. Glintz N Slime –
  48. Festive Slime –


You may get ideas from existing slime shop names as well. Combine and match these with the ones above to create a more memorable and distinctive company name.

  1. Aeronna Slimes
  2. All Slime Shop
  3. All Feel Shops
  4. Alpeno Slimes
  5. Alperona Slimes
  6. Alpine Slimes
  7. Artistic Slimez
  8. Artostyle Slime Shop
  9. Attractive Slimes
  10. Autumn Slime
  11. Behood Slimes
  12. Best Slime Shop
  13. Bliss Balm
  14. Blue Wave Slimes
  15. BlueHeart Slimes
  16. BlyssBerry Slime Bakery
  17. Bright and vibrant slime
  18. Burning slime
  19. Cappa Cale Slimes
  20. Casa Bliss Slimes
  21. Casa Twist Slime Bakery
  22. Childhood Slime shop
  23. City Slime
  24. Cold slime
  25. Color burst Slime
  26. Colorful slime Shop
  27. ColoTwin Slimes
  28. Crafty slime
  29. Crimson Slime Shop
  30. Cross Dale Slime Bakery
  31. Crysten Slime Bakery
  32. Curl Up Slimes
  33. Cute slime
  34. Dope Slimes
  35. Dudenly Slime Shop
  36. Ellipse Slimes
  37. Estella Slimes
  38. Family Slime Shop
  39. Fiery slime
  40. Firefly Slime
  41. First Bright Slimes
  42. First Prime Slimes
  43. Flavored Slime
  44. Foodie slime
  45. Fragga Slimes
  46. Friends and slime
  47. Fun Glop
  48. Fun Slimes
  49. FunQube Slime Shop
  50. Galaxy Slime
  51. Gifty slime
  52. Glam Slime
  53. Glam World Slime Shop
  54. Glemmex Slime Shop
  55. Glitter Dust Slime
  56. Glitter Slimes
  57. Glittery Slime
  58. Glow in the Dark Slime
  59. Glue slime
  60. Gold Miss Co.
  61. Goo Crew
  62. GoodVibe Slime Bakery
  63. Gooerrific
  64. Halloween Slime
  65. Happy Swing
  66. HappyHoos
  67. Hope Marie Slime Shop
  68. Hoshimi Slimes
  69. Joy Groove Slime Shop
  70. Joy Slime
  71. JoyGroove Slime Shop
  72. Leviss Slimes
  73. Lifeshades
  74. Line Mark Slimes
  75. Lorenzo Slime Shop
  76. Manifest Slime Shop
  77. MayShower
  78. Me, slime and you
  79. Melteclat Slime Shop
  80. Memorable slimy affair
  81. Memories Slime Shop
  82. MidCity Slimes
  83. Motivv Slimes
  84. New View Slime Bakery
  85. North Queen Slimes
  86. NorthBlaze Slime Shop
  87. NorthFlip Slimes
  88. Old Memories Slime Shop
  89. OMG Slimes
  90. OnePro Slimes
  91. Ooze Gurus
  92. Oozeslime
  93. Orange Slime
  94. Orion Slimes
  95. Our own slimy affair
  96. Paper Dash
  97. Peachy Slime Bakery
  98. Pink Slime
  99. Pinkthrob slime
  100. Plain Slime
  101. Plavio Slimes
  102. Playful slime
  103. Prime Eight Slimes
  104. Printed slime
  105. Qute Slimes
  106. rainbow Slime shop
  107. Redstar Slimes
  108. Ria’s Slime Shop
  109. Rockberry Slime Shop
  110. Scented Slime
  111. Sea Street Slimes
  112. Shaded Slime
  113. Shine Wave
  114. Shop all the slime
  115. Sky Slimezz
  116. Slime affair
  117. Slime and slime
  118. Slime Aurora
  119. Slime Bakery Shop
  120. Slime Box Club
  121. Slime City
  122. Slime Command
  123. Slime Fantasies
  124. Slime for all
  125. Slime for Gifts
  126. Slime Jewel
  127. Slime New York
  128. Slime Potion No. 9
  129. Slime Smile
  130. Slime Vidaa
  131. Slimeberry
  132. SlimeCommand
  133. SlimePotion No. 9
  134. Slimes for gifts
  135. Slimes to cherish
  136. Slimes with perfumes
  137. Slimezini
  138. Slimy Buttons Designs
  139. Slimy Slime Shops
  140. Slimy slippery affair
  141. Slippery slime
  142. Slop2It!
  143. Smell the Ooze
  144. Snap Dizzle Pop
  145. Snozzleberry Surprise
  146. Sparkling slime
  147. Splash Box Slime Baker
  148. Spring slime
  149. Spring themed slime
  150. Springo Slimes
  151. Spting Crew Slime Shop
  152. Star Breeze
  153. Subtle slime
  154. Sugar Slime
  155. Summer slime
  156. Summer theme Slime
  157. Sunrise Slime
  158. Sunset Slime
  159. Sweet Slime
  160. Taffy Slime Shop
  161. ThingamaBlob
  162. Tiny Trett Slimes
  163. Triangle Slime Bakery
  164. Twin Slimes
  165. Urban Zest Slime Bakery
  166. Velvet slime
  167. Velvet Soul
  168. Vivid Slimes
  169. Watery Slime
  170. Wattery Slime
  171. Wellbrett Slimes
  172. Winter themed slime
  173. Wintry Slime
  174. ZeroZedPentaShift

Remember if you register one of these domain names, let us know in the comments below. One so we can check it out and two so I can update the list.

Finding the perfect name for your business can be tough. There are so many factors to consider, you’ve got to do some brainstorming and think outside of the box if you want something catchy that will stand out from the crowd. This list is a great place to start when looking for inspiration or just trying to get an idea about how other people have come up with names. If none of these fit what you’re going for, don’t forget there’s always room for customization! So give it a shot and find one that suits your needs best. Now go make those slime babyyyy ;)

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