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What’s Hot in the Blogosphere? 246 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

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Bloggers are always looking for new ways to spice up their blog. One of the easiest and most popular ways is through lifestyle posts. These articles can be about anything from fashion to food, but they all have one thing in common: excitement!

Lifestyle blogs can be a great place for readers to find inspiration or get ideas for what they want to do with their lives. If you’re interested in writing your own lifestyle blog post, then take a look at these creative ideas that will help you write some awesome articles!

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Fashion Blog Post Ideas

  1. What are your favorite colors to wear in the winter
  2. How to dress for a day of shopping
  3. How to dress for a date night out with your significant other
  4. Tips on how to find the perfect fall coat that is stylish and comfortable
  5. Fall fashion trends you should invest in now
  6. The best places in town where you can buy trendy clothes at affordable prices
  7. What is the best way to wear a white t-shirt
  8. How to dress up your jeans for work
  9. The perfect outfit for an interview
  10. 10 ways to wear a blazer this fall
  11. 5 summer dresses that are perfect for every occasion
  12. 10 things you need in your purse right now! (everyone needs these)
  13. How to wear a blazer with jeans
  14. What are the trends in fashion this season
  15. The best way to style white sneakers for fall
  16. Tips on how to dress up your work outfit when you’re tired of wearing suits every day
  17. Dressing for an interview – what not to do and what will get you hired
  18. Who is the new face of Calvin Klein’s underwear campaign and why it matters (link)
  19. How to dress professionally for work
  20. What are the latest trends in fashion
  21. The best places to buy cheap clothes online
  22. Tips on how to update your wardrobe and look more trendy without spending a lot of money
  23. What are some ways you can save money while still wearing fashionable clothes
  24. Fashion blog post ideas   (This is the last point)

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

  1. How to get a natural glow
  2. Best lipsticks for every skin tone
  3. The best hair styling products
  4. Favorite makeup brushes and how to use them
  5. Tips on using false lashes
  6. What’s the best eyebrow shape for you ?”
  7. How to get the perfect winged eyeliner
  8. The best drugstore makeup brands
  9. What’s in my makeup bag
  10. Makeup products I can’t live without
  11. Top 10 beauty mistakes we’re making every day
  12. Beauty hacks that will change your life (and make you look like a pro)
  13. What are the best beauty products to try this year
  14. How to get a sun-kissed glow
  15. Tips for looking your best in photos
  16. Best ways to style short hair
  17. What makeup colors work best with different skin tones and eye colors
  18. Ways to look put together when you’re running late for work or school
  19. What are your beauty goals for the week ahead
  20. The ultimate guide to eyebrow shaping
  21. How to create a perfect red lip
  22. My favorite makeup products of all time
  23. Best drugstore makeup brands and tips on how to find them  6. Tips for flawless foundation application
  24. How to get a great night’s sleep
  25. The best beauty products for oily skin
  26. 10 ways to have healthy hair in the winter
  27. Tips for getting rid of acne
  28. Makeup mistakes you’re making without realizing it, and how to fix them
  29. 3 easy steps to flawless makeup application
  30. How to get your makeup done in 5 minutes
  31. What’s the difference between beauty and skincare
  32. The best hair products for curly hair
  33. Why you need to use sunscreen every day
  34. Tips for getting rid of cellulite on thighs
  35. My favorite drugstore makeup brands

Productivity Blog Post Ideas

  1. Work smarter, not harder
  2. The power of the pause button
  3. The importance of a good night’s sleep
  4. How to be productive in 10 minutes or less
  5. Setting goals and deadlines
  6. What to do when you’re stuck on a project and can’t get anything done
  7. 5 ways to get more done in a day
  8. 10 things successful people do every morning
  9. How to make your mornings easier
  10. 8 reasons why you need to be more productive
  11. 3 steps for getting organized at work
  12. 4 tips for staying focused on the task at hand
  13. Create a routine
  14. Track your time and productivity
  15. Make the most of your day
  16. Be mindful about what you’re doing
  17. Take care of yourself with exercise, sleep, and diet
  18. Get rid of distractions like social media or notifications on your phone when you need to focus on work
  19. How to get more done in less time
  20. The best ways to stay productive in the workplace
  21. Ways to make your workday shorter without sacrificing quality
  22. Tips for staying focused and getting things done at home
  23. Strategies for managing your schedule better
  24. How to increase productivity by using apps and tools like Trello, Slack, Google Calendar, etc
  25. How to get more done in less time
  26. The best tips for working remotely
  27. Tips for getting into the right mindset before you start your work day
  28. Why it’s important to take a break from your computer every once in awhile
  29. What are some of the most common distractions that keep us from being productive
  30. Ways to avoid procrastination and stay on task during your work day, like setting up an office away from home or scheduling blocks of time when you’re allowed to check social media sites like Facebook or Twitter (or anything else)
  31. How to be more productive in the morning
  32. The best way to start your day
  33. Ways to stay focused on work during a busy day
  34. Tips for managing email overload
  35. When you should take breaks from working and how long they should last
  36. What the most important things are that you need to do each week, month, or year
  37. How to set up a productivity system
  38. 10 ways to stay productive at work
  39. 7 habits of highly effective people
  40. 8 tips for better time management
  41. 5 apps that will make you more productive
  42. The ultimate guide to getting things done in the morning

Funny Blog Post Ideas

  1. How to make a sandwich
  2. What I did on my summer vacation
  3. My favorite tv show is ____
  4. Why I’m not wearing pants today
  5. The best way to cook bacon and eggs (or any other food)
  6. Tips for buying a new pair of shoes that won’t break your bank account
  7. I’m going to write a blog post about how I can’t stop thinking about the Kardashians
  8. I’m going to do an entire post on why Beyonce is my idol, and why she’s so much better than Taylor Swift
  9. How to make your own mustache
  10. What’s the difference between a cat and a dog
  11. Ways you can tell if someone is lying
  12. The benefits of living in an igloo
  13. Tips for finding lost items in your house (keys, phone)
  14. Reasons why you should always wear shoes inside the house
  15. How to make your bed every morning
  16. Things you should never say in an interview
  17. Why _____ is better than _____
  18. What’s the best way to do laundry for different types of clothes

Home Decor Blog Post Ideas

  1. How to decorate your home for fall
  2. Fall foliage in the garden
  3. Tips on how to make your home smell like autumn
  4. DIY pumpkin spice candles
  5. Ways to incorporate fall colors into your decorating scheme
  6. Ideas for a cozy living room space that’s perfect for watching all the latest movies during this season
  7. What to do with your old books
  8. Best ways to make a small space feel bigger
  9. How to decorate for the holidays on a budget
  10. Top 5 home decor trends for 2017
  11. Creative DIY projects you can make yourself

Gaming Blog Post Ideas

  1. What are some of the best games you can play on your phone or tablet
  2. The 10 most popular video game series in America according to Forbes magazine
  3. 5 top tips for becoming a better gamer
  4. Why I love playing online multiplayer first person shooters so much
  5. Play games to make new friends
  6. Try a new game every day
  7. Join a gaming club at your school or workplace
  8. Give yourself an hour of gaming time each day and track how much you play
  9. Create a list of all the games you have played in order from least to most favorite
  10. Make sure that there is always something on your plate, so that when you feel like playing, it’s not because there’s nothing else for you to do
  11. What is gaming and why do people play games
  12. What are some popular games that are available right now
  13. How can parents help their kids who might be addicted to video games
  14. The benefits of playing video games, like improving your hand-eye coordination or problem solving skills
  15. Tips for getting started with a new game on the computer or console
  16. Why it’s important to take breaks from playing video games and how you can tell if someone has an addiction to them

Easter Blog Post Ideas

  1. Easter crafts for kids
  2. How to make the perfect Easter basket
  3. The history of Easter and why it’s important today
  4. What are some ways to celebrate Easter with your family and friends
  5. Why is this year more special than other years because of what we’re going through as a country
  6. Ways you can participate in the service at church (easter egg hunt, volunteering)
  7. Give your Easter eggs a makeover with these simple DIY projects
  8. Make the perfect Easter breakfast with these recipes
  9. Create an Easter-themed centerpiece for your table
  10. Put together the cutest bunny costume you’ll ever see!
  11. Share some of our favorite family traditions and memories from past years
  12. Get into the spirit of spring by reading some fun children’s books about bunnies, chicks, and other animals that come out during this time of year
  13. Easter crafts for kids
  14. Fun Easter games to play with the family
  15. Easy and delicious Easter recipes
  16. How to make a traditional egg hunt more exciting
  17. Ideas to decorate your home for springtime celebrations (easter, st patricks day)
  18. What are some ways that you can enjoy this season without spending a lot of money on decorations or food
  19. What are some creative ways to decorate eggs this year
  20. How to make Easter baskets for kids
  21. Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ with a family service and potluck dinner
  22. Ideas for games or activities that you can do during your Easter celebration
  23. Recipes – what are some recipes you like to cook on Easter Sunday morning, afternoon, or evening; what are some traditional dishes from other cultures that might be fun to try out; and how should they be served (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  24. Tips on hosting an egg hunt at home or in public spaces such as parks or churches

Wedding Blog Post Ideas

  1. Choosing your wedding colors
  2. Setting the tone for your reception
  3. Deciding on a menu
  4. Finding the perfect venue
  5. Creating an unforgettable first dance as newlyweds
  6. And more!  This blog post will give you all of the tips and tricks to plan an amazing event that reflects who you are as a couple, without breaking the bank or causing any stress along the way!
  7. Consider the season
  8. Give your guests a unique experience
  9. Make it personal
  10. Choose an exciting location
  11. Theme your event to match your personality and style
  12. Keep in mind the guest list size
  13. Create a budget for your wedding
  14. Look into the venue you want to get married at and see if they have any deals or packages available
  15. Find out what other couples are doing for their weddings so you can incorporate some of those ideas in yours
  16. Save money by making your own invitations, table numbers, favors, etc.
  17. Consider using Pinterest as a source of inspiration – there is literally an endless amount of DIY projects on there that will help make your wedding day special without costing a lot of money
  18. Try not to let yourself be overwhelmed with all the decisions you have to make regarding this big event; it’s okay to take it one step at time and just do what feels right for you!

Yoga Blog Post Ideas

  1. Yoga for beginners
  2. Poses that relieve stress
  3. Yoga to improve your mental health
  4. How yoga can help you sleep better at night
  5. Benefits of practicing yoga every day
  6. The different types of yoga classes available in the area
  7. Yoga for beginners
  8. Yoga for runners
  9. Yoga for pregnant women
  10. How to do a yoga pose without hurting yourself
  11. What to wear when you do yoga
  12. The best places in your house to practice yoga
  13. What is yoga and how does it work
  14. Inspiring quotes about yoga
  15. Different styles of yoga
  16. Benefits of practicing yoga
  17. Yoga poses for beginners
  18. 5 Tips to Make Your Yoga Practice More Effective
  19. How to Stay Healthy and Fit with Yoga
  20. Top 10 Exercises for a Flatter Tummy
  21. 7 Ways to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life
  22. The Benefits of Hatha Yoga   – A Different Kind of Exercise!

Earth Day Blog Post Ideas

  1. Plant a tree
  2. Clean up your community
  3. Recycle, recycle, and then recycle again!
  4. Eat less meat for the environment’s sake
  5. Buy products that are environmentally friendly or sustainable
  6. Give back to the earth by volunteering or donating to environmental charities
  7. What is Earth Day and why should we celebrate it
  8. How to celebrate Earth Day in your community
  9. Tips for a green lifestyle
  10. Ways to go vegan or vegetarian for the environment
  11. Ways to reduce your carbon footprint
  12. How can you help save trees and plants from extinction
  13. Why should we care about Earth day
  14. Ways to help the environment around your house
  15. Recycling tips and tricks
  16. What you can do in your community to make a difference for the earth
  17. How you can help save trees on Earth Day
  18. Tips for living an eco-friendly life every day of the year

Mom Blog Post Ideas

  1. How to take a better family photo
  2. How to make the perfect mac and cheese
  3. Why you should always dress your kids in clothes that match their skin tone
  4. The best way to get rid of those pesky stains on your children’s clothing
  5. Tips for how to keep your home clean when you have kids running around all day long
  6. 10 things every mom needs in her pantry
  7. How to create a more relaxing environment for your baby
  8. What to do when your toddler is throwing a tantrum
  9. Tips for how to make sure you have enough time with your kids
  10. Creative ways to keep the house cleaner and avoid clutter
  11. Ways to get outside and enjoy nature with your family
  12. Ideas on how to find balance in parenting and work life balance
  13. How to organize your pantry
  14. DIY projects for the home
  15. Tips for a healthier lifestyle
  16. Parenting tips – how to get kids out of bed, make lunches, and more
  17. Ways to save money on groceries and household items
  18. Recipes that are easy & quick!

How to use these blog post ideas

The above blog post ideas can be used in a number of ways. Each idea could be an individual blog post or you could use a few ideas as an outline for one blog post. You could also use the ideas as inspiration for your own posts.

When using other people’s blog post ideas, don’t forget to change things up a bit! Still having writer’s block? Not sure how to start each idea as a post. No problem.

You just need a writing assistant like Jasper to help you out. Jasper can create an new blog post outline based on each idea in this list. Jarvis will write out your intro paragraph and give you awesome ideas for blog post titles.

Be sure to get your 10,000 word free trial today!

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