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Inconsistency Stops Here

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I discovered blogs so long ago I can’t even remember, I always knew I wanted one. Not just any one, creating a blog is pretty easy for someone who updates websites all day at work.

But, I of course wanted a successful one. I’ve had a number of different websites and blogs, two were what I would call successful, for a while, but none has held up over time, because I have a problem.

An embarrassing problem for someone who has a blog about motivation, and improving your life by at least 1% each day. I’m not consistent. At anything, ever, really.

I view everything in life as a project. And every project I’ve ever done, I normally leave it to the last minute, the last hour, the last day, or the last week. I leave it till I have just enough time to get it done and do an average job.

Ok, maybe sometimes, a little below average.

It started in school with homework and assignments, I think I’ve just always been this way.

If you have ever been to a motivational seminar or read a motivational book, at some point they ask you to look back at your life and pull out a time when you felt successful.

Where you did something really hard, so you can analyze what you did in that situation. Or so you can feel that exhilaration of success.

I don’t really have any of those, because I’ve half-assed my way through everything. Any self started a project, I tend never to finish. Since I treat everything like a project, I throw my whole self into it.

I want to spend every waking hour on it until it’s done, and when bed time comes around, I want to chug back espressos and keep going.

Unfortunately, everyone needs to sleep eventually, and all these other things get in the way of my complete and utter focus. Like needing to go to work, or cleaning the house, or taking care of the kids, I have 3 of them.

It doesn’t go over well if mommy wants to just sit on the computer blogging for the next 3 months until I start to see some good traffic. We can play after that, I’d like to tell them.

Or when I decide, I only need to lose 15 lbs to get a six pack. The most efficient thing to do is fast till I get there. My body rebels, of course, on these types of ideas. Bring on the chocolate.

Most of the things I, and probably you too, want to be successful at are not projects that can be crammed out in a day or a week, they take months and years. They are not projects at all but are a combination of habits, routines and easy rewards.

Which means all we can do and need to do, is just a little every day.

After throwing myself into a project and not finishing or seeing the results that I felt I needed, so I know I can ease off, I get burnt out. I realize I need to move on to another project that I’ve been neglecting, like cleaning my house.

My project mentality makes it very challenging to keep my coveted, company ready house. Because I treat my house like a project, I’m a slob.

I didn’t realize this until I read How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind: Dealing with Your House’s Dirty Little Secrets by Dana K. White.

Once I take the time to clean house, it’s because I’ve been working on something else and let the chores pile up.

Now that the house is a disaster, a project, I spend the day cleaning, then being burnt out from cleaning all day, I need to move on to the other things I was neglecting that day, like the kids. The cycle continues.

How do normal people, no offense to the normal people, but how do they do it. According to Dana K. White, they are consistent about daily cleaning habits.

Cleaning is not a project that can be finished. It’s just like bathing, it’s something you do regularly, not something you finish.

I don’t know how I missed this. I keep waiting for the laundry to be done, and get discouraged when it piles up again. Keeping a house clean means consistently tidy it up throughout the day.

You don’t wait till the end of the week, or even the end of the day, when you have 3 kids. You tidy consistently throughout the day.

I used to think I needed to motivate myself to get focused and start these “projects” sooner so I had more time to do a better job. Now I realize that I need to completely change my thinking.

It’s not about sprinting through everything, but real success comes from slowing down and accepting that if you want to do these things and do them well, all you can do is a little each day.


I am an expert on being inconsistent. I don’t like to tell anyone what I’m doing any more because I’ve been attempting the same things since I was 18.

My quest for six pack abs, the races I sign up for but maybe did half the training program for them, the book I’m writing, the blog I’m creating, the new system for keeping the house clean, piano lessons, oh yeah I’m learning French again. Guitar lessons.

I could go on but you get it, right? I never stick with anything long enough that I would say I’m proud of my accomplishment. Even Candy Crush, most of my friends are so many candy lands ahead of me.

So this is my blog, I don’t know if anyone actually reads my posts, I think most people come for the Jillian Michaels workout videos and diet.

If you got lost on your way there, just click the link to get back.

We are about a month away from the new year. I’m not waiting to get started. I need to start now. I’m combining my complete failure at being consistent with my passion for online marketing.

This is not a challenge, but a lifestyle change. A change of thinking, a change in routine and habits.

Hopefully no one I know is reading this, cause I can hear you saying, you’ve heard this before. You guys can get out of here. Come back next year. Thank you.

My commitment to anyone who might have kept reading is to be honest. I have a motivational blog, because I struggle with this stuff.

I will continue to share all the cool motivational stuff I find online, but I will also share my struggles and hopefully soon, my successes with staying consistent in all areas of my life.

On we go, but slowly. Kinda.


1 thought on “Inconsistency Stops Here”

  1. I love this. It’s as if I was supposed to stumble in this today. I was up half the night last night burdened by all the unfinished tasks I have lurking. Things that are costing me money. Things I paid good money to complete. Things that are going to allow me to leave my job and start working my passion. All the things I put a lot of thought into to get me where I want to be, the life I want, and then I don’t continue consistent enough to see live it.
    I’m so glad you mentioned the word “project”. I never thought of it before. That’s EXACTLY how I approach so many things in my life, to much frustration.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I now have a more concrete way to reframe how I look at things. I will be eagerly following your blog for more helpful hints as I slowly, but diligently work towards my goals.

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