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How To Bake Bacon

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Did you know that 40,500 people, on average, search for “How To Bake Bacon”, each month?!?!

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I can’t believe we’ve never done this yet. We have bacon every Sunday. 🙂

I’ll ask Steve if this is something he wants to try.

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It look like much less mess then the way we normally cook it and you don’t have to watch it.


The only problem I see, is that Steve likes to watch sports when cooking, if he doesn’t have to actually been in the kitchen cooking the food, then it might take away from his sports watching. We’ll see!

I’m going to file this under Food, but also under Spark Joy, because it’s bacon. I probably didn’t need to explain that, if you’re here looking how to bake bacon, then I’m sure you love it too. 🙂

Let me know how it goes in the comments below.

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