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9 Top Habit Tracking Apps | Building Habits Small Changes

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Some experts say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. In fact, some say that it takes as long as 60 days. Others claim that there is no magic number. However, one thing everyone agrees on is that developing new habits can enrich your life and bring you closer to your goal.

Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done. In today’s hectic world, we often lack the time or motivation to change our habits.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of habit-building apps that work well. Let’s get into it!


Inspired by RPG video games, this cool app makes it easy to maintain and track good habits. With over three million users, Habitica boasts a strong social network that will keep you motivated.

Whenever you check off tasks on your list, you’ll earn rewards and magic skills. Users can even fight monsters with their friends online, keep track of their tasks on-the-go, and install cool add-ons for greater functionality.

By the way, have we mentioned that Habitica is free?


Another fun app is stickK. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and developed by Yale University researchers.

Once you join, you sign a commitment contract with yourself. The contract includes your goals, deadlines, and incentives.

What makes the app especially cool is that you can bet money on yourself. In case you fail to reach your goals, your money will go to friends, charities, or any organizations you support.


This app can help you build new habits in as little as 21 days. Depending on how motivated you are, you can choose between free or committed mode.

The second option requires you to pay $21 before getting started. For every day you reach your goals, you’ll get $1 back. That is reason enough to stay on track.

What makes stand out is the ability to hire either a leadership coach or a habit coach. However, it’s not required to do so. You can always use the basic version, which allows you to set goals, build habits, track your progress, and celebrate your milestones.

In addition to these cool apps, check out HabitBull, Productive, and Strides. If you’re aiming your new habits at improving your health and fitness, Streaks will do the trick.

Since most habit-building apps are free or include a free trial, give them a try! It might exactly be what you need to ditch those bad habits and create better ones.


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