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The Secret To Drinking More Water Now

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I’ve done a few posts in the past on how to drink more water. They are all helpful in tracking your water intake, which can be motivating for a bit, but they all lack in the ability to work long term.

The Natural Thirst Challenge is something I still highly recommend, to understand what happens when we ignore our natural thirst and how to get it back.

If you haven’t checked out the 10 day challenge you really should, it’s totally free.

One would think that after realizing how we turned off our natural thirst and how to turn it back on again, that would be it.

If you feel thirsty, you will be motivated to drink. As we are motivated by pain or pleasure, feeling thirsty is our motivation to drink.

If that happens automatically you can stop looking for any tips on how to drink more water.

But… it’s not the end, sadly because the busyness of our life which made us ignore our thirst many times before, continues to happen.

We continue to shut off our natural thirst. We keep having to turn it back on.

Then we are back to googling the same question, “How to drink more water?”. Well, for starters, keep water as close to you as possible so it’s easy to listen to your thirst, but we’ve all heard that one before.

The second thing to do is create a reward for drinking water.

Yeah, so every-time you drink a glass of water, you should reward yourself with a shopping spree, a manicure, a pedicure and so on. LMAO! Of course I’m kidding.

Have you noticed when people recommend rewards, the rewards they come up with always cost money or take up a lot of time?

Even if I said to myself, “drink 4 liters of water today and you can get a pedicure”, I’d probably still forget because the reward is to far away, and then what would I do for the next day, or the day after that?

For real, here it is, you want a quick, free reward. Like a game.

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Place a small game you can play by your water. A crossword. A game of Sudoku. I had a tiny computer chess board that I used for a bit, then I found Sudoku was working better for me, for now.

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Every time I drink a glass of water, I get to write in a number or two, or make a move or two in the game.

I’d love to hear what games work for you in the comments below. If you notice it’s not working or stopped working, keep thinking of an immediate reward that would be motivating enough to pull your attention over to your water.

And remember you need to drink a certain amount of water to get your reward.

Get moving, Get doing.

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