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You can only truly improve what you track, that’s why water tracking sheets help so much.

Most of us need to drink more water, but it’s hard.

I hear people saying this all the time.

Drinking enough water consistently is one of the hardest things for most people to do.

Maybe even harder then sticking to regular workouts or eating healthy.


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There are so many great benefits from drinking water! 18 Proven Benefits of Drinking Water: 1. Increase Energy level 2. Increase Metabolism 3. Promoting Weight loss 4. Helps Build & Repair Muscle 5. Healthy skin and keeps you look younger 6. Boosts your immune system 7. Flushes out toxins 8. Great for your joints, aches, and plains 9. Maintains pH balance in the body 10. Promotes regularity and helps digestion 11. Reduce hunger 12. Zero Calories benefits 13. Reduces eating consumption 14. Relieves Fatigue 15. Natural remedy for headache. 16. Water Helps Prevent Hangovers 17. Regulate Internal Body Temperature 18. Drinking Water Fights Bad Breath #drinkmorewater #ozarkdermatologyaesthetics #ozarkdermatology #youngerakin #healthyskin #hydration

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I can not wrap my head around why drinking more water is so hard.

It’s not actually hard to drink eight glasses of liquid.

I can easily drink 8 cans in a day of carbonated water, pop, alcohol but 8 glasses of water, that’s hard.

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Why is it so hard?!

The health benefits are huge from physically feeling better and having more energy, to weight loss and weight maintenance.