Is your workout routine feeling a little…stale? It’s time to shake up your sweat sesh with some inspiring new moves! Whether you’re looking for bodyweight exercises, strength training workouts, or even fun ways to mix in cardio – we’ve got the recipes that’ll make working out anything but boring. Keep scrolling and get ready to set those fitness goals on fire!

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Miley Cyrus Workouts

Have you seen the quote, Bodybuilding is an art. Your body is the canvas, weights are your brush and nutrition is your paint. It’s one of my favorite quotes. Celebrities can provide great inspiration of what your canvas could look like. Check out this list of celebrities heights along with their weights to get a

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Total Body Bosu Ball Workouts

We often get these awesome pieces of workout equipment and then we don’t use them. We don’t really know how to incorporate the equipment into our current workouts or how to create a workout around the piece of equipment.  The Bosu Ball is no different. It looks cool. We hear about the amazing benefits that

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BodyRock Baby Workouts

If you’re wondering why the videos go from 5 to 13, it’s because weeks 6 to 12 were picture workouts, I used to have the links below, but now I can’t find them any where on BodyRock’s website. If you find them be sure to let me know and I’ll put the links back up.

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