The Butt Bible by Pauline Nordin

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Print out the Butt Bible 6 Week Plan


Want to grow your glutes fast, you need to do these workouts. These are simple and easy to do and follow along with at home.  I promise, even though they are simple and easy, you will feel it and you will know they you worked those glutes. 

The upper body routines have been included to create a well rounded workout plan, if you want to do something else for upper body, that will work fine. 

You have the plan above. You have the workouts below. All that is needed next is to press play and get moving. I can tell you from personal experience my butt was super sore after the first workout. 

If you don’t feel it, you must have the most amazing butt! 

If you are wondering like I was, what do you do after your finished with this glute building program. The size of your glutes is determined by the load you put on those muscles. Once you build up the muscles, it will not require that same load to maintain the muscles.

Just like any muscle however it will require maintenance, which will very for everyone depending on your genetics, age, diet and length of time you’ve been working out. 

That’s a lot of variables, which means, after your are done this program, hit the glutes once or twice a week in whatever new program you are following and see what happens. 

Adjust as needed. 

Check out Pauline’s site for more amazing programs, resources and challenges. 


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