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Blog Content Ideas

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases.

I’m going to be adding to this list as I come across blog post ideas, content ideas and even ideas for niche blog businesses.

Criteria for my list: the topic or keyword has to have some nice volume along with low competition and ease of getting organic traffic.

The way I personally gauge low competition is by seeing a site, that doesn’t get much organic traffic, doesn’t have much domain authority and yet they were able to get on the first page for specific term or topic.

I do look at SEMRush’s KD (keyword difficulty) and I like Ubersuggests SD (SEO Difficulty).

But I never really base trying a topic on those metrics.

I really like to see proof that some else who doesn’t have much authority yet or much organic traffic managed to rank for a word with nice volume.

I also like to think about how shareable this will be on Pinterest and on the Tailwind Tribes I belong too.

Try Tailwind Plus for free for 30 days.

Organic traffic is great and often produces better results then Pinterest.

But who wants to sit and wait that long.

And just increase you wondering as I would be, because I’ve been burned way to many times before.

I am not going to take your email address and then hand over a bunch of generic ideas like:

  • Post relevant articles to you business.
  • Answer questions your followers have.
  • Create infographics
  • Share relevant news articles

The ideas I’m sharing are actual specific keyword topics.

So here it is. I have 5 ideas listed so far. But I promise this list is growing.

Check back often.

Blog Content Ideas:

Affirmations – I’m not going to add the monthly and total volume here.


It is huge and the type of affirmations you share with your audience is going be so different for everyone.

Top 10 Affirmations for Health. Affirmations for weight loss, for confidence, for breaking out of a slump.

Run a quick search on your go to SEO tool for the word affirmations and . Mine is SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool.

Share some studies, affirmations are not woo woo stuff. There are lots of studies to show how and why they work.

Sell Feet Pics – Monthly Volume = 18,100 | Total Volume = 66,370


I was hesitant to put this one in, but the site I saw do an article on this, did it very professionally, as just another way to make money online.

With a few online sites where you can submit feet pictures for sale.

TCA PeelsMonthly Volume = 12,000 | Total Volume = 45,480


I had never heard of this before.

Now I’m like I so want to try one, but seriously scared. Search TCA peels gone wrong. Yiks!

If you’ve tried one or not, educating your follows on TCA peels can fit on so many blog sites.

I mean who doesn’t want to look younger and have smoother skin.

iPhone WallpaperMonthly Volume = 550,000 | Total Volume = 3,785,000


of course iphone wallpaper. If you haven’t seen my other two recent posts. You need to check them out.

The Truth About Your Competitors Organic Keyword Traffic and Don’t Buy Any More Pinterest Templates Until You Read This

The second link above, I share some of my wallpaper pins from Pinterest and the pins stats (impressions, click throughs and saves).

Wallpaper is gold.

It’s easy and fun to make, especially with Canva Wallpaper templates for phone and desktop wallpaper.

No worrying about fonts and text. Your content is becomes your pins.


It’s seasonal.

The volume of searches is huge. Fall iPhone wallpaper, Summer wallpaper, Halloween wallpaper.

And Pinterest loves them too.

Garlic Oil for Ear InfectionsMonthly Volume = 1,600 | Total Volume = 2,920

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There are some great videos you could add to your site on how to make and use this.

You could link to studies – Efficacy of Naturopathic Extracts in the Management of Ear Pain Associated With Acute Otitis Media

You could take the side of why you shouldn’t use garlic oil for ear infections –

If your worried that this list is freely available to everyone and these ideas will become to competitive.

Don’t be.

The majority of people don’t take action.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought private label rights articles and then checked with a plagiarism tool to see who else was using it, and no one was.

Second, these aren’t private label right articles that people can copy and paste into their sites.

These are ideas.

Everyone will have they’re own take on a topic and will bring their own personality to their content, their site and their marketing.

I used to think I had to keep everything for myself as well.

But now I realize it’s much more fun and exciting to share.

And when you’re having fun and excited about your business it will grow faster then you can imagine.


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