106 Heart Warming Affirmations For Self Love

Self-love is one of the most important things in life. When you love yourself, you take care of yourself and make choices that are good for you. You also have a better attitude and are more likely to be happy and successful. But sometimes it’s hard to love yourself, especially if you have low self-esteem or negative thoughts about yourself.

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If this is the case for you, then don’t worry – there are ways to start loving yourself more! In fact, there are simple affirmations that can help change your thinking and make you feel better about yourself. And the best part is that these affirmations don’t require any special skills or knowledge; anyone can do them!

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Here are some affirmations for self love to get your started:

1. I am worthy and deserving of love

2. I am enough just as I am

3. I give myself permission to be kind to myself

4. I accept, appreciate and honor my unique gifts and talents

5. I trust that good things are coming into my life

6. I choose to forgive myself and move forward

7. I allow myself to feel my feelings and heal

8. I am open to loving relationships that nourish me

9. I am capable of creating the life of my dreams

10. I love, accept and appreciate myself just as I am right now!

11. I have the inner strength to face any challenge

12. I am grateful for my life and acknowledge the positive aspects of it

13. I am capable of creating boundaries to protect myself from harm

14. I prioritize my own needs and take care of myself first

15. I accept who I am and honor my true authentic self

16. I trust that I can find joy, even in difficult times

17. I am worthy of love from myself and others

18. I embrace the process of growth with patience and compassion

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19. I always take action to create the life I desire

20. My worth is not defined by anyone else, only by me.

21. I treat myself with gentleness and respect

22. I am free to choose my own path in life

23. My mistakes do not define who I am; I learn and grow from them

24. I recognize that I have the power to create my own happiness

25. I recognize that I have the power to create my own reality

26. I am enough, exactly as I am

27. I forgive myself for any mistakes and move forward

28. I allow myself to love deeply and without fear

29. My self-love is unconditional and infinite

30. My thoughts are filled with love and kindness towards myself..

31. I believe in my own strength and resilience

32. I am confident in who I am and what I stand for

33. My worth is not based on other people’s opinions or expectations

34. I love my body, mind and spirit with kindness and acceptance

35. I create healthy habits to nourish my well-being

36. I take risks that help me grow and expand my horizons

37. I understand that mistakes are part of life’s journey

38. My feelings are valid, even if others don’t agree with them

39. No matter how hard things get, I will never give up on myself

40. Self-love is not selfish; it is essential for my wellbeing.

41. I am filled with joy and gratitude for all that I have

42. I find strength in every challenge that comes my way

43. My self-love expands to include love for others as well

44. I choose to honor my authentic self, no matter what anyone else says

45. I have the power to make positive changes in my life

46. I allow myself to set healthy boundaries and say “no” when necessary

47. Self-care is a priority and an expression of self-love

48. It is okay to give myself time and space to heal and grow

49. I am worthy of receiving love and respect from others

50. I trust that I can create the fulfilling future I desire.

51. I am enough just as I am, no matter what anyone else thinks

52. My self-worth is not up for debate; it is unwavering and unshakeable

53. I choose to be compassionate and loving towards myself every day

54. It is okay to make mistakes; they are part of learning and growing

55. I recognize that self-love means taking care of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs

56. With each passing day, my self-love increases

57. No matter the circumstances in life, I can choose to focus on the good

58. I am in control of my thoughts and can choose peace over negativity

59. I accept that life is a journey, not a destination

60. I am worthy of abundance and joy, both within myself and from others.

61. I have the courage to speak up for my needs and values

62. I make decisions that are beneficial for me and those around me

63. It is okay to ask for help from others when needed

64. My self-love allows me to trust my own intuition

65. Connection with nature helps me find inner peace and balance

66. My mistakes do not define who I am; they are opportunities to learn and grow

67. I give myself permission to enjoy life without guilt or shame

68. I embrace my unique qualities and allow myself to shine brightly

69. My self-worth comes from within; no one can take it away from me

70. I am capable of creating the life I truly desire with courage and love.

71. I am worthy of being loved and respected

72. I let go of any doubts or fears that are blocking my growth

73. My journey towards self-love is full of gratitude and appreciation

74. I practice self-care daily to improve my mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing

75. I recognize the power of positive affirmations and use them regularly

76. My inner voice speaks with compassion, kindness, and love

77. Every experience in life has something valuable to teach me

78. It is okay to relax and take time for myself without feeling guilty

79. I seek out healthy relationships that fill me with joy and happiness

80. I give myself permission to be happy and create a life I love.

81. I am reminded that I have the strength and courage to face any challenge

82. There is no such thing as perfection; only growth and progress

83. Self-love means taking responsibility for my own happiness

84. I will not allow anyone else to take away my joy or sense of self-worth

85. My worth comes from within, not from external sources or validation

86. I choose self-care activities that revitalize me on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level

87. When faced with difficult decisions, I trust my inner wisdom to guide me in the right direction

88. Every day is an opportunity to practice self-love and kindness

89. My life is full of purpose and joy, regardless of the circumstances

90. I accept myself completely just as I am, with all my flaws and imperfections.

91. I open myself up to love from others without losing my sense of identity

92. It is okay to recognize my shortcomings and learn from them

94. Every experience in life has something valuable to teach me

95. I choose to focus on cultivating a healthy relationship with myself first

96. I give myself permission to be vulnerable when necessary

97. I have the strength to move forward and make changes in my life

98. I listen to my inner voice with love and understanding

99. I trust that what is meant for me will come when the time is right

100. My self-love is unshakeable, no matter what comes my way.

101. I am committed to taking consistent steps towards enhancing my self-love and personal growth.

102. I honor the journey of self-discovery and accept that life is full of surprises.

103. By learning to love myself, I can become the best version of who I am capable of being.

104. My self-love gives me the courage and confidence to live a life that feels fulfilling and joyful.

105. Every day I will continue to choose positivity over negativity, faith over fear, and hope over despair.

106. Through self-love, I am inspired to stay true to my values and trust my own intuition.

Self-love is an ongoing journey that requires dedication and commitment. It’s not always easy, but the rewards are worth it. As you continue to work on enhancing your self-love, be sure to focus on the following: taking consistent steps towards growth, honoring the journey of self-discovery, staying positive in the face of challenges, and trusting your own intuition. These principles will help you move forward in life with courage and confidence. We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful!

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