5 Powerful 10 Minute Kettlebell Workouts

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When you are short on time all you need is a 10 minute kettlebell workout.

Kettlebells are awesome for working out, especially when you’re short on time and short on motivation.

10 minute doesn’t sound like a lot, but you would be surprised at how little you need to stimulate your muscles and how many calories kettlebells burn. 

Calories Burned – Kettlebell training

On the mornings or evenings when even 10 minutes sounds like to much, these kettlebell workouts will make a fast ten minutes fly by even faster.

Workouts tend to go by faster in the mind when we don’t know what is coming next, so on those days when you just don’t think you have it in you, be sure to mix it up.

Remember that hi intensity workouts can be hard on the central nervous system. If you like to do some HIIT every day, you’ll want to keep it short and sweet.

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