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What is Minimalism?

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Yesterday’s introductory blog post gave you a taste of what minimalism means and what to expect from this challenge.

Today, I’d like to go a bit further to provide more detail on the concept of minimalism as a lifestyle so that you understand it better. While it’s true that each person defines the ideal for themselves, there are some basic components you should know before embarking on such a life of intention.

Read on to discover what is minimalism and how you can adopt it as a guiding philosophy.

About Minimalism


Minimalism focuses on the desire to live with intention.

This means placing your priorities and values first when making decisions that affect every aspect of your life. The goal is to remove what distracts you from your purpose and intention. Anything that is unnecessary or that serves as a distraction can be eliminated.


Deciding what to remove from your life is deeply personal and should be weighed on a case by case basis. Minimalism should bring you freedom and happiness because it lightens your burdens. You’ll gain control of your money, possessions, and time.

Types of Minimalism

How you decide to approach minimalism is entirely up to you. There are a variety of levels, or types, of minimalism. You get to choose the way you wish to intentionally live. To help you along those lines, I’d like to provide at least a basic summary of the various approaches you can take to eliminating unnecessary burdens from your life.


Some minimalists strive to live with only the essentials. Others may simply wish to declutter their environment. There is a group of minimalists who live with few possessions because they are constantly on the move and place more value on lived experiences than on material possessions. The aim of still others is to cut down on their carbon footprint, so they focus on living frugally and sustainably.

There are also those who embrace the minimalist lifestyle because it brings them peace of mind to let go of all but what is most necessary and valued.

What Minimalism is Not

No matter what your approach, there are definitely some misconceptions about minimalism. This lifestyle isn’t about giving up everything or depriving yourself.

In addition, you don’t have to be “cheap” to embrace a minimal lifestyle. Often, investing in something of greater financial value is the better choice over mindlessly buying numerous less expensive goods. You don’t have to give up your possessions. You also don’t have to live with a stark white aesthetic in order to furnish your environment with intention.

There is no one size fits all approach to minimalism. It’s a lifestyle that promotes prioritizing your personal values with regard to material possessions, time, experiences, relationships, diet, and more.

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