Total Body Bosu Ball Workouts

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We often get these awesome pieces of workout equipment and then we don’t use them. We don’t really know how to incorporate the equipment into our current workouts or how to create a workout around the piece of equipment. 

The Bosu Ball is no different. It looks cool. We hear about the amazing benefits that can come with using one. We hop on it a few times. We turn it upside down and try to do crazy ninja balancing moves for a bit. And then it becomes decoration.

We do have a Bosu Ball in our house, it is fun, and kids love playing on it.  However when it comes to using the Bosu Ball in conjunction with weights, I don’t believe the benefits out way the risk of possible injury. 

Effects of Strength Training Using Unstable Surfaces on Strength, Power and Balance Performance Across the Lifespan: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

I feel that if you want to build strength, lift weights. If you want to work on balance, do balance exercises. 


There isn’t enough gain when doing both weight training and balance/core training to make it worth the risk of injury that can happen when mixing the two. 

That said, my partner really enjoys these types of workouts. If it is something that really gets you excited to workout, then perhaps it’s worth it. 

Below  are some challenging full body workouts on the BOSU ball. These are really great to get an idea of all the different things you can do on your BOSU Ball.

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