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You’ve seen people out there in the water standing on these boards and now you want one, right?
Then you saw the price. Are they really worth it? What is the difference between a $300 paddle board and a $1000 paddle board? How many times are we actually going to use it? Where can use them?  Can I take my kids out on them?
What’s the weight limit on those things?
And the biggest one, omg I tried one, I’m in love with paddle boarding, how fast can I get a good one?
I have some answers and some great pictures. 🙂
It all started when I asked my partner what he wanted for Father’s Day. Ok, that’s kinda a lie.  It actually all started when I realized we were going camping with a family who just got a paddle board. Together we make a party of 9,  4 adults and 5 kids. That’s a lot to share a paddle board. And I’ve always wanted one.
I’m sure you know that paddle boards are pricey, I found Amazon has the best selection and as usual the most reviews, so you can make the best decision.

We didn’t get the most expensive but I didn’t get the cheapest either. I went with Amazon’s Choice. The Serenelife Paddle Board. We had recently bought a Serenelife trampoline from amazon and the quality was great.  The reviews for the paddle board were also great, I loved the pictures people were sharing and I loved the funky design.
SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
It also comes with a waterproof case for my phone. I knew we would be taking a kid or two out with us on the board so the fact that it’s a little longer and wider, making it more stable than most was defiantly a plus.
SereneLife Paddle Board

Inflating it was fun. Not. Lol It took a bit, we all took turns. Unfortunately, it says not to use an air compressor, but there are some automatic SUP board pumps on Amazon. However, the reviews are mixed. A number of people said the pump blew their car fuse, more than once, and many also said it worked great the first few times, then stopped working. So, for now I’m just going to embrace the workout to get the boards pumped up.
SereneLife Paddle Board
So how was the board? It was awesome! I’m so addicted now. I had so much fun, paddling around, exploring, getting in a great workout.
The kids loved it too, as you can tell by the pictures. It was really nice to be able to compare our board with our friends board which was a little less expensive.
Paddle Board Tricks
My thought was that if we also liked their board, we would get their brand board for our second one and save a bit of money. But after trying out theirs and they are trying out ours, everyone agreed we should just get the same paddle board we had.
Second Paddle Board
That way, no one would be fighting over who got the better board. It was noticeably more stable. But, maybe with the larger size and stability you pay for it in speed. None of us were experienced enough to start racing as of yet, so I’m not sure.
There are some great videos to watch on YouTube, on how to properly paddle, safety tips and tons of videos of people doing tricks. I also highly recommend joining a Facebook SUP group as well.
Paddle Board Handstand
We are only going camping a few times this summer, and like to be able to use the board a lot more than that. The SUP Facebook group in our area is awesome for seeing where people go and meeting up with others for outings.
My first time out, I decided to take an apple for a snack and a water bottle. I’m proud to say I didn’t lose either. I was pretty conservative in my moving around the board. I can easily go from sitting to kneeling to squatting and standing, but nothing like the kids were doing.
Paddle Board with snacks
They were running and hopping back and forth on the board and doing plyometric jumps. I’m going back out tomorrow, so I might start experimenting, proving the water is warm enough. Lol, I’ve been babied with our 90 degree swim spa.
To conclude, If you love camping or going to the beach, or you want to love camping and going to the beach, a paddle board is perfect for the whole family. And the SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a great choice.
If you end up addicted to your paddle board too, I would highly recommend getting  a long sleeve bathing suit. Save on sunscreen and avoid those burns. I need to get one of these. My shoulders are looking kinda red from our excursion today. 

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