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How to Quit Smoking The Easy Way

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You’ve probably been told by non smokers and ex smokers that quitting is hard, it takes lots of willpower, but you have to do it for you health, for yourself, for your family. What if I told you that quitting smoking isn’t hard at all, it doesn’t take much will power, and you could be a non-smoker within the next two hours.

You probably don’t believe me, but I’ve done it, I’ve seen my sister do it and many others. It works.

You probably think I’m crazy. Well, my steps on how I quit and how I think everyone should quit, are for sure going to make you question my sanity. What I did to quit smoking the easy way, is exactly what Ashton Kutcher did to quick smoking. But he explains it much better and funnier than I’m capable of doing.

It’s true, you can read a book, you can continue to smoke while reading the book and at the end you are a non smoker. Need a testimonial from someone a little more serious? How about Ellen DeGeneres

Ok, someone really serious. Anthony Hopkins

I’ve recommended getting this book to a hand full of people, I think because it seems so far fetched, and you would actually have to accept that it’s possible, to bother going to buy the book, most people don’t end up reading it.

Why not try listening to it. Check out Hoopla Digital. Many local libraries are giving free access to Hoopla, where you can borrow, with out waiting, many of Allen Carr’s books.

I personally would suggest you read or listen to the book over a few days as you mull over the ideas being presented to you. This can help take off some of the anxiety of thinking that in 2 hours from now you will never have another smoke for the rest of your life.

That thought can be stressful, and even though you so badly want to quit, the idea that it could be so imminent has stopped many from finishing the book. Go through it as slowly as you need to, but make a commitment to yourself to finish the book in a reasonable time frame.

I’m sure you’re still convinced it can’t work, and that is perfect, then there is no risk to trying.

I wish you the best of luck. I know you will be changed by the concepts presented to you.

This book is not just for the smoker. It is also for the ex smoker who still craves a cigarette. It’s for sort of ex smokers who only have the occasional harmless cigar, or an “occasional harmless” cigarette.

It’s also for all non-smokers who ever want to help someone they know, quit smoking. If you are trying to help someone quit smoking I recommend you read this book as well.

Often times in trying to help others, especially if you’re a non-smoker and especially if you quit using willpower, the things you say actually makes the smoker feel more stressed which makes them smoke more.

Non smokers and ex smokers need to watch this video as much as smokers do so you can really make a difference instead of often making it worse.

If you love the book as much as I do, I’d love to hear your comments. And please share this page so all smokers can be free from their addiction.

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