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Jumpstart Your Budget 5-Day Challenge

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2018 is almost here. Are you going to greet the new year with a calm smile? Or will you spend another year stressing and agonizing over every bill?   No more excuses, no more failed resolutions. 2018 is the year you will conquer your budget and control your spending. This 5-day challenge will set you up for success. Read more…

Creating a budget and tracking finances consistently is something many of us have difficulty with. I can feel the resistance in myself when I even think about updating my finance tracking.

The way to lower resistance is to do the thing you are resistant to.

We don’t have to wait for the new year to start making changes. Start making little changes now. Start the year differently then all those other times.

If you create even just a bit of momentum before the new year, the excitement of a fresh start in the new year will increase your motivation and willpower.


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