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Christmas Math Puzzles for Kids 10+ {FREE!}

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The great thing about these Christmas math puzzles is that kids don’t usually see them as work (or math). They see them as a fun challenge!

You could even offer some kind of incentive to really get your kids excited to rise to the challenge, such as special prize for anyone (or any group) who correctly solves them. read more at

You know that time right after school when the kids get in the house. You’re trying to put everything away, go through the number of school notes sent home, everyone is hungry…

I like to have a quick snack ready and some kind of activity on the table they can do and enjoy on their own.

And just as Math Geek mama said, they don’t see it as work at all, they get excited about what print outs I have for them today.

Give it a try.

Download free printable Christmas math puzzles.


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