Are Green Smoothies Bad for You?

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Do you ever feel paralyzed by uncertainty?

Like wondering if green smoothies are bad for you?

I often find motivation in trying new things.

Example: Juicing. All the mainstream information seemed to suggest juicing to be totally awesome for your health and your energy.

I got a juicer. It felt healthy drinking all these fresh vegetables and fruit.

I wasn’t overly consistent with juicing for two reasons.

One, my juicers was a pain in the butt to clean.

Two, I always wondered about all the leftover pulp or fiber I wasn’t getting from juicing that I would have normally gotten from eating these fruits and vegetables.

It felt like maybe I was messing up the natural process of how things are supposed to work.

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An example, they used to think it was the beta carotene in carrots that made carrots so healthy.

Now, they know through studies that giving mice just beta carotene didn’t have the same great effects as when they ate a carrot.

If I’m just drinking the juice, that means I’m getting more sugar with none of the fiber that would slow down the natural sugars from spiking my blood sugar.

I eventually found some creditable sources (in my opinion) that has lead me to currently believe juicing is not the healthiest thing to do.

Blending up smoothies so you get the fruit and vegetables in their entirety, is a much better option.

But it is this type of uncertainty that I find can easily hinder my motivation to eat healthy or stick to a workout regime.

It’s hard to know what really works.

I personally feel this video above is a creditable source of information as to whether green smoothies are bad for you.

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