Learn the Planets Through Images

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Here is a great trick for learning the 8 planets.

You’ve probably seen the songs, mnemonics and acronyms, but if you still don’t know them, this trick is the one for you.

Our memory really works best with mental images, so although you will have to run through it a few times, it will be harder to forget.

So here goes, follow along, creating visual images in your head.

Choose a room in your house with a window. See yourself standing at the window looking out. You have a glass thermometer in your left hand.


You raise the thermometer up in the air to watch the “Mercury” rise.

Now on the window sill is a “Venus” fly trap. You take the thermometer and feed it to the Venus fly trap.


Still using your left arm you kneel down and scoop up some “Earth” from the floor and wipe it on your face.


Now you switch from using your left arm to your right arm. You change “ARMS”, which is an anagram for “Mars”.

You turn around and in the in the center of the room is a giant black swirling hole and in the hole is “Jupiter”.


You then notice a ray of sun hitting the opposite wall in your room.


SUN is an acronym for Saturn. Uranus. Neptune.

That’s it! Run through this visualization a few times. Make it as vivid and crazy as you can. Teach it to someone else.

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