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21 Quotes About Being Yourself With Checklist to Unapologetically Attack Your Goals

Unapologetically Attack & Achieve Your Goals Checklist & Quotes


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It may feel unnatural to be unapologetic. After all, we tend to live our lives at the mercy of others, seeking to please everyone else so that we can feel liked. We easily adopt the “I’m sorry” mentality, which leads us to believe we need to apologize for being who we are.

Apologizing out of respect is one thing. Sometimes you need to own up to your actions and apologize when it is warranted. Other times, though, apologizing gets in the way of who you are. It can create a false sense of self-deprecation, and it can derail your motivation to do great things and be proud of yourself.

You Deserve the Things You Want

  • ✓ Everyone deserves the things they want in life
  • ✓ To “deserve” something, it takes some work
  • ✓ You need to flip around the way you look at deserving things
  • ✓ Teach yourself that you deserve what you want
  • ✓ When you tell yourself you can do it, you will believe that you can

Time to Stop

  • ✓ Stop Worrying About What Others Think Of You
  • ✓ Stop Saying You Aren’t Good Enough
  • ✓ Stop Feeling Guilty For Success
  • ✓ Stop Being Afraid
  • ✓ Stop Negative Self-Talk
  • ✓ Stop Saying Sorry So Much

Time to Start

  • ✓ Set Goals That Scare You
  • ✓ Embrace The Things You Love
  • ✓ Be Unapologetically Yourself
  • ✓ Build A Support System That Doesn’t Hold You Back
  • ✓ Focus On Your Needs
  • ✓ Set Healthy Boundaries
  • ✓ Take Chances


Your health and happiness matters.

Don’t give in to outside influence. 

Embrace fear as your friend.

Never apologize  for who you are.

Always be comfortable with yourself. 

Do things that make you happy.

You are responsible for your outcomes. 

Courageously take control of your life.

No one can make you feel bad without your permission. 

Own your Opinions. 

Balance your needs with the needs of others.

Your hopes and dreams matter. 

Don’t hesitate to cut out toxic people. 

Strive to stay positive. 

Don’t stop pursuing your goals for just anyone. 

Be your own biggest supporter. 

Stop shying away from conflict. 

You don’t always have to defend yourself. 

There is only one you. 

Hang out with people who inspire you. 

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