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41+ of the Best DIY Christmas Decorations

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Your Christmas decorations don’t necessarily have to be expensive in order for your home to look good during the holidays.

Believe it or not, you can decorate your place to look festive and bright without spending a lot of money.

Even if you are on a budget, you can still create memorable moments with your family and friends this Christmas season.

1. Recycle a Metal Coat Hanger into a Christmas Tree

You can twist and shape a metal coat hanger into a Christmas tree.

Painting it with green and sprinkling some glitters on it would make it a decorative piece of item that can be used as wall décor.

If you want, you can also hang this on your door.

2. Fabric Christmas Trees


3. Make Decorative Candles

Candles of different colors can be placed on empty jars.

You also have the option of putting colored pebbles in this creation although plain white sand would look good too.

For a more festive look, tie red and green ribbons on the candle sticks.

4. Rustic Christmas Advent Calendar


5. Create Seashell Decors for the Christmas Tree

Collect some seashells from the beach and paint these in silver, gold, green, red, blue, etc.

You can then drill holes on said items so that you can tie them with ribbons and hang them on your Christmas tree.

These can also be collectively bunched and tied up and made to hang on walls.

6. Gingerbread House Ornaments


7. Make Fake Gifts

Aside from real gifts, it would also be nice to have a stack of fake gifts under the Christmas tree.

You can wrap boxes of different sizes in fancy wrappers so as to make them very attractive.

This will also allow you to have leftover decorative gift boxes under the Christmas tree even after Christmas.

8. Christmas Ornament Tree Sign


9. Hang Paper Chains All Around Your Home

Hanging paper chains in different colors will make your indoor environment really look festive.

You can use the typical round chains or adopt other shapes like flowers and hearts.

Do this in every room in the house, especially the family room, living room, and dining room.

10. Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath


11. Make a Creative Centerpiece

A bowl of sand topped with seashells, pine cones, or any item that signifies Christmas make for a great centerpiece on the dining table.

You can also include dried twigs and small plants in the setup.

To make the decorations stand out, make sure that these are colorful.

12. Personalized Letter to Santa Sign


13. Put a Train Set Underneath the Christmas Tree

Having a train set underneath the Christmas tree will add beauty to the whole set up.

It’s entertaining to watch the trains go round and round the tree; and kids will love playing with the train set too.

14. Wooden Slice Doe


15. Include Indoor Plants in the Decoration

Indoor plants are always lovely to look at.

During Christmas time, you can use said plants as decorative elements by hanging decors on them just like what you do on Christmas trees.

16. Mini Pallet Popsicle Stick Christmas Ornaments


17. Recycle Old Sheet Music

Old sheets of music make for creative Christmas decorations.

Just roll a sheet and tie this with a ribbon to make it look decorative.

Hanging several rolled pieces of sheet music on the Christmas tree will make it look more interesting and elegant.

You also have the option of putting these in a large basket or a large bowl.

Moreover, tying the sheets with different colored ribbons will make the decoration look more festive.

18. Adorable DIY Melted Snowman Ornament


19. Use Popcorn Decoration

Strings of white popcorn look good as Christmas tree decoration.

All you have to do is to cook some plain popcorn and then thread these into strings.

Allow the popcorn to cool down or allow a day to pass before threading them, as it’s easier to thread popcorn when these are no longer crunchy.

If you want to add color to this type of decoration, you can use food coloring. Inserting fresh cranberries in between several pieces of popcorn will also add a decorative and colorful element to the décor.

20. How To Make Santa Mason Jars


21. Put Up Old Jam Jars as Decors

Old jam jars can be cleaned and transformed into Christmas decors just by tying a colored ribbon around it.

You can also make the display look more interesting by putting in water and some food coloring in the jars.

This can actually be done on any type of bottles, especially those that come in unique shapes.

22. How to Make “Bleached” Pinecones Without Bleach


23. Use Christmas Cards for Display

You can use your collection of Christmas cards for decorative purposes.

These items are designed well for the season and can work as Christmas tree decors or wall decors.

You can even add some glitters to the designs to make them look shiny and bright for the season.

24. Easy Ideas for a Hot Chocolate Bar


25. Decorate with Wine Glass and Sweet Goodies

Since sweet goodies are always “in” during the Holidays, it would be wise to incorporate these in your home decorating plans.

Put mini chocolates and candy canes in attractive containers so that kids as well as adults can appreciate their presentation while enjoying them too.

Candy canes wood look good on transparent jars; while bite-sized chocolates in wine glasses are cute and elegant.

You can also tie ribbons on the containers to make them look even more decorative.



27. Put Christmas Plants on Display

Plants, such as poinsettias, are particularly popular during Christmas.

If you have real poinsettia plants, you can put these indoors for the meantime so as to benefit from their decorative effect at this time of the year.

You can also buy artificial poinsettia flowers and simply put them in vases.



29. Create DIY Decors with Foil

Using foil is a great and inexpensive way to decorate for Christmas because of its silver color.

You can basically wrap any item in foil and this will look festive during the holidays, especially if you incorporate some ribbons on the design too.

Small items wrapped in foil can be used as Christmas tree decors.

And these can also be placed in a large bowl for their decorative effects.

30. DIY Wine Cork Snowman Ornament


31. Display Nuts and Other Goodies in Decorative Platter and Bowls

Nuts such as walnuts make for great decoration on a platter.

Other types of nuts and goodies can also be placed in bowls for your guests to enjoy them when they visit you.

Candies, chocolates, and similar types of food items are always enjoyed during the holiday season; so make these accessible to your visitors when they come to your house.

32. Easy to Make Wreath Mason Jar Lid Ornament


33. Decorate with Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are necessary during the holiday season because these can really make one’s home and surroundings look festive and bright.

Lights on Christmas trees can either be blinking or steady; and both clear and colored lights would look good too.

You can also hang lights on walls and ceilings.

And if you have indoor plants, you can also decorate these with Christmas lights.

In fact, even the plants and bushes in your garden can be decorated with lights to announce to everyone that the Christmas spirit in your home is at its all time high.

34. Candle Decorating Ideas for Christmas


35. Use Cellophane for Decorative Effects

Cellophanes have a lot of use during the holiday season too.

Since these are available in different colors, you can use them to wrap lamps and ordinary lights so as to have a different color ambiance in your home.

Cellophanes also look good as wrappers; so you can also wrap some gifts with it before putting these items under the Christmas tree.

36. Gingerbread Town Candle Holders Christmas Mantel Tutorial with Free Printable Templates


37. Decorate With Bells

Bells are among the most significant images during Christmas.

You can use bell posters and decorations to hang on walls.

Small little bells can also be put on ceilings for their decorative contribution to one’s home.

Since the sound of small bells during the holidays is particularly pleasing to the senses, these can also be placed on windows and doors to serve as wind chimes.

38. Winter Twinkle Display Tutorial


39. Make Christmas Puppets

Christmas puppets are easy to make and can add to your decorating efforts around the holidays too.

You can accomplish this task by drawing or tracing images in cardboard paper and coloring them with bright Christmas colors.

These images can then be cut and glued on popsicle sticks.

The finished items can then be placed in baskets, bowls, and other decorative containers.

40. How to make a Wood Christmas Tree Stand


41. Put Up a Snowman

If your place is blessed with snow during Christmas season, putting up a snowman outside your home can be very welcoming.

You can even dress up your snowman by making it wear a hat.

A big welcome sign will also let your visitors know that they’re in for a real treat when they enter your home.

42. Festive DIY Christmas Snow Globe




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