27 Winter Ideas for Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are a great way to add seasonal cheer to your classroom or office. Here are some winter themed bulletin board ideas to get you inspired:

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Note: I’ve included some cute examples from Pinterest but they can take a little bit to load.

1. A Snowman’s Hat – Create a large hat out of construction paper and decorate it with geometric shapes, stripes, and patterns in shades of white, silver and blue. Add a few pieces of sparkly confetti for snowflakes and display it in the center of your bulletin board with snowman themed texts or photos surrounding it.

2. Snow Day Fun – Create a scene on your bulletin board by arranging cutouts of children playing in the snow, decorations such as trees, hills and snowflakes, and a large sun or moon in the corner of your board.

3. Winter Olympics – Host a mini-Olympics on your bulletin board! Cut out different sports including skiing, skating, snowshoeing and hockey and place them on the board with descriptions of each sport written next to them. Add flags of different countries and your own personalized medals to the display.

4. Winter Wonderland – Create a winter wonderland scene by combining die-cuts of animals such as polar bears, reindeers and snow foxes with cutout trees, icicles and snowflakes. Decorate the board with iridescent spray paint for an extra wintery effect.

5. Winter Clothes – Collect photos of winter clothing items such as hats, scarves, coats and boots and display them on the bulletin board in a fun way. You could even add labels with facts about how to dress for cold weather and other winter safety tips.

6. Snowflake Art – Encourage your students to make their own paper snowflakes and display them on the bulletin board. To add an extra special touch, spray paint each one with glitter for a beautiful and unique decorations.

7. Winter Trees – Cutout bare winter trees from construction paper and arrange them on the bulletin board in a pleasing pattern. Add die-cuts of snow and colorful bird cutouts to give it a natural winter look.

8. Penguin Parade – Arrange penguin cutouts in a long line marching across the bulletin board with descriptions of different types of penguins written alongside each one. You could even draw or print out a map showing where they live in the wild!

9. Holiday Sweets – Is it the holiday season? Make a bulletin board featuring all the delicious treats associated with wintertime, such as hot chocolate, candy canes and gingerbread cookies. You could even add recipes or instructions on how to make them!

10. Winter Holidays – Showcase photos, texts and decorations from all the different winter holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa to celebrate and learn about different cultures.

11. Frosty Fun – Display cutouts of polar bears, snowmen and other winter animals in a fun arrangement on your bulletin board. Use sequins, glitter and snowflakes to add some sparkle to the board!

12. Snowman Scavenger Hunt – Make a scavenger hunt game by printing out cutouts of snowmen and hiding them around your classroom or office. Place hints written on pieces of paper with each one that leads to the next location. At the end, reward participants with a prize such as hot chocolate or candy canes.

13. Winter Words – Write down different types of words associated with winter such as “snow”, “blizzard” and “icicle” and display them on the bulletin board. You could also add definitions of each word, synonyms or antonyms to make it an educational activity.

14. Winter Safety Tips – Post important safety tips for winter-time such as “dress in layers”, “watch out for icy roads”, and “stay warm indoors”. Include colorful illustrations with each tip so they stand out!

15. Snow Globe – Create a snow globe scene on your bulletin board by arranging cutouts of animals, trees and other decorations around a large glass jar filled with white paint chips or sparkles to simulate snow inside the globe. Frame it off with cardstock and ribbon for a finished look.

16. Winter Memories – Have your students write down their favorite memories of winter and post them on the bulletin board alongside photos or drawings that illustrate those memories. This is a great way to share stories and encourage creative thinking!

17. Snow Sculptures – Ask your students to make their own snow sculptures out of white clay or paper mache and display it on the bulletin board for a fun winter art project. You can even pick a winner from all the submissions for an extra challenge!

18. Indoor Sports – Show off different types of sports that can be done indoors such as basketball, volleyball or soccer with cutouts of athletes playing each sport on the board. Include descriptions about each sport and the rules or instructions on how to play.

19. Winter Books – Research some of the best winter books for young readers and write reviews of each one that can be posted on the bulletin board. Include a photo of the book cover with each review for an extra visual element!

20. Snow Day Fun – Brainstorm fun activities that your students can do on a snow day such as baking cookies, making snow angels or having a snowball fight! Post it all on the bulletin board in an easy-to-read format with pictures.

21. Arctic Animals – Learn about animals that live in the Arctic and create a bulletin board that displays each one along with some interesting facts. Include photos, drawings or even stuffed animals to make it interactive and visually appealing!

22. Winter Fashion – Showcase the different types of clothing people wear during wintertime such as sweaters, coats, hats and gloves with illustrations or photographs. You could even let your students design their own winter outfits for display on the board!

23. Snow Paintings – Have your students use white paint on a black background to create beautiful snowflake paintings that can be hung up on the bulletin board. This is an ideal activity for any age group and encourages self-expression and creativity.

24. Wintry Quotes – Gather some of the best quotes about wintertime and post them on the bulletin board for inspiration. Include a photo or image with each quote to add more visual interest!

25. Holiday Decorations – Create a festive atmosphere in your classroom or office by displaying holiday decorations such as garlands, wreaths and Christmas trees on the bulletin board. This will get everyone into the spirit of the season!

26. Winter Games – Have fun playing winter-themed games together as a group such as Igloo Building Contest or Snowball Tossing Competition. Use pictures to document each game and hang it up on the bulletin board afterwards!

27. Winter Fun – Incorporate games such as bingo, crosswords, word searches or puzzles into your bulletin board that students can complete during their free time for a bit of extra winter fun! This will help keep kids engaged and entertained throughout the cold months.

28. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer – Decorating Rudolph’s antlers with cheerful paper ornaments is sure to be a hit this holiday season, bringing joy and delight to all.

These are just some of the ideas for winter themed bulletin boards that you can create in your classroom or office this season! Use your creativity to come up with even more unique displays for everyone to enjoy.

Happy decorating! 🙂

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