227 Trucking Company Name Ideas: Crafting the Perfect Identity for Your Business

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Starting a trucking company is an exciting venture, but one of the first and most crucial steps is naming your business. The name you choose will represent your brand, services, and values. It’s the first thing potential clients will hear, and it can make or break their first impression of you. In this guide, we’ll explore the art of coming up with compelling trucking company names that resonate with your target audience and set you apart from the competition.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of a memorable and relevant trucking company name.
  • Factors to consider when brainstorming your options.
  • Creative, catchy, and unique trucking company name ideas.
  • The significance of checking for trademarks and domain availability.

Why is a Good Trucking Company Name Important?

A company’s name is its first introduction to potential clients. It’s the foundation of your brand identity, influencing perceptions and expectations. A well-chosen name can:

  • Establish Trust: A professional and relevant name can instill confidence in your services.
  • Convey Your Services: It should give an idea of what you offer, whether it’s long-haul trucking, local deliveries, or specialized transport.
  • Set You Apart: In a competitive industry, a unique name can differentiate you from others.

Factors to Consider When Naming Your Trucking Company

Relevance to the Industry

Your name should reflect the trucking industry. Using terms like “freight,” “haul,” “cargo,” or “transport” can instantly convey your services.


Short, snappy names are easier to remember. Avoid complicated words or lengthy names that might confuse potential clients.


Ensure your chosen name isn’t already in use or trademarked. This avoids legal issues and ensures your brand stands out.

Pronunciation and Spelling

The name should be easy to pronounce and spell, ensuring it’s accessible to everyone and reduces the chance of miscommunication.

Creative Trucking Company Name Ideas

Catchy Names

  • Elite Haulers
  • Freight Expressions
  • Super Trucking
  • Trucking Unlimited
  • Fast Forward Express
  • Fusion Logistics
  • The Fast Loader
  • Falcon Truckage
  • Oasis Cargo
  • Flying Rhino Trucking

Badass Names

  • Zeus Logistics
  • Bold Express
  • Last Stop
  • Heavy Loads
  • Tough Trucks
  • Supremo Trucking
  • Fighting Freight
  • Wreckless Transport
  • Notorious Freight
  • Truckin’ Champions

Funny Names

  • Truckin’ It
  • Big Fat Trucks
  • Lord of the Trucks
  • The Mad Trucker
  • Jolly Truckers
  • Wild Turkey Express
  • Jumbo Transport
  • We Ain’t Got Tires
  • No Stops, All Drops
  • Won’t Stop Delivering

Cool Names

  • Golden State Transport Co.
  • Roadway Express
  • Dedicated Delivery LLC
  • Trucksome
  • Rocket Express LLC
  • Fierce Trucking Solutions
  • Diamondback Trucking Inc.
  • Cargo Masters
  • Chariots Of Fire Logistics
  • Truckaholics

Frequently Asked Questions

Wild Wheelers: This fun and catchy title is perfect for any trucking company that likes to mix things up a bit. It implies excitement and adventure, two qualities that customers often look for when choosing a transportation provider. Plus, it has an alliteration which makes it easier to remember.

Movin’ On Up Truckers: This name combines two popular sayings that are sure to catch people’s attention. “Movin’ On Up” is often used as an expression of success and progress, while “Truckers” is the obvious reference to trucks and trucking companies. It’s a great way to show potential customers that you’re confident in your ability to provide them with top-notch service and reliable transportation solutions.

Giddy Up Transport: This one is for those who like to spice things up a bit with humor. The play on words—combining “giddy up,” which is often associated with horses, with “transport”—is sure to get a few chuckles out of people while still conveying the message that you take your job seriously. It’s also a nice way to lighten up the mood around your workplace and make it more enjoyable for everyone involved!

101 Trucking Company Names:

  1. Superior Shippers
  2. Top Notch Transporters
  3. Smooth Sailing Shipping
  4. Fast Freight Flyers
  5. Highway Haulers
  6. Whirlwind Wheels
  7. Jet Set Logistics
  8. Express Delivery Services
  9. Express Transport Solutions
  10. Speedmovers Express
  11. Rugged Roads & Rails
  12. Loaded Up Truckers
  13. Rapid Relocation Specialists
  14. Driveway Drivers
  15. Economy Moving & Delivery Inc.
  16. Trucks-R-Us Transport Co.
  17. Loadmasters Logistics Corp.
  18. On The Move Movers, LLC.
  19. Blacktop Cruisers Inc.
  20. Haul Heroes LLC.
  21. All-Star Express Cargo Co.
  22. At Your Service Delivery Co.
  23. Safe & Sound Transportations Ltd.
  24. Drive Time Driving Services Inc.
  25. Reliable Rollers, Inc.
  26. Deliverance Drivers LLC.
  27. Trucking It Right Now, Inc.
  28. Load Lyf Logistics Solutions Inc.
  29. Mile High Haulers, Ltd.
  30. The Big Rig Express Co.
  31. 1-800-Move Me Now! LLC.
  32. 24-7 Freight Forwarders
  33. On The Mark Trucking Solutions Inc.
  34. Expressway Couriers & Movers
  35. Rocky Road Carriers, Inc.
  36. First Class Freight & Delivery.
  37. APEX Transport Solutions LLC.
  38. Faster Than You Delivery Co.
  39. Truckin’ Titans, LLC.
  40. Prime Time Truckers, Inc.
  41. Speedmasters Logistics Ltd.
  42. Go-Getters Express Delivery Co.
  43. Highway Haulers Inc.
  44. Heavyweight Delivery Services Inc.
  45. Cross Country Courier Services, Inc.
  46. Final Mile Fleet Services.
  47. Dynomite Delivery Service Co.
  48. Logistics Transit Solutions LLC.
  49. Ride The Line Transport, Inc.
  50. Fleet Foot Freight, Ltd.
  51. Pack & Go Shipping Services, Inc.
  52. Road Runners Express Logistics Co.
  53. Mighty Movers of America, LLC.
  54. 1-Stop Shipping Solutions LLC.
  55. Global Cargo & Logistics, Inc.
  56. Full Throttle Logistics Services Co.
  57. Coast to Coast Trucking, Inc.
  58. Truckin’ Masters Ltd.
  59. On Time Delivery Express, LLC.
  60. Ace of Spades Transport Co.
  61. The Reliable Ride Logistics Co.
  62. Loadmasters Freight Systems Corp.
  63. Rapid Response Delivery Solutions Ltd.
  64. EZ Shipping Solutions, Inc.
  65. Speedracers Transportation Co.
  66. Quick-Load Cargo Services LLC.
  67. Rocket Relocation Services, Ltd.
  68. Go The Limit Logistics Co.
  69. Movers ‘R’ Us Delivery Service, Inc.
  70. Expressway Riders Logistics, Inc.
  71. Delivery Dudes & Divas Co., LLC.
  72. Smoother Than Smooth Transport Services
  73. Ship It Right Now, Inc.
  74. Cutting Edge Courier Services Corp.
  75. Freight-Forwarding Fun, Inc.
  76. Make It Happen Logistics Co.
  77. All Nite Delivery Solutions, LLC.
  78. Transport Titans USA, Inc.
  79. The Express Network Delivery Co., Ltd.
  80. Gettin’ It There Logistics Services Inc.
  81. Highway Hawks Courier & Transport Corp.
  82. Expedited Express Freight Services LLC.
  83. Starlight Transportation Solutions, Inc.
  84. Road Warriors Delivery Services Ltd.
  85. Superhaulers Transport Co., LLC.
  86. Carry It All Logistics Inc.
  87. The Express Lane Freight Forwarders Co.
  88. Packin’ & Shippin’ Delivery Services, Inc.
  89. Deliver Right Now Shipping Co.
  90. Race Time Couriers LLC.
  91. Faster Than Light Transport Systems Corp.
  92. Load Lifters Logistics & Moving Service, Inc.
  93. Soar High Logistics Co.
  94. On The Double Delivery Services, Ltd.
  95. Drive Away Transport Solutions LLC.
  96. Truckmasters Courier & Logistics Co., Inc.
  97. Roadmasters Freight Services USA, Inc.
  98. The Burnin’ Rubber Express Delivery Co.
  99. Milemarker Moving & Logistics Co., LLC.
  100. Travel in Style Haulers Corp.
  101. Lightning Speed Logistics Solutions Inc.
  102. Speedsters Delivery Services, LLC.
  103. Time Sensitive Couriers & Delivery Co.
  104. Zip-Zap Express Transport, Inc.
  105. Load It Up Movers & Haulers Ltd.
  106. On The Fly Freight Forwarders Corp.
  107. Cruisin’ Couriers Cargo Co., LLC.
  108. Redline Relocation Services, Inc.
  109. Streamlined Shipping Solutions Ltd.
  110. Rocket Riders Delivery Service Co.
  111. The Rush Hour Shippers, LLC.
  112. The Hot Rod Haulers Ltd.
  113. Max Speed Logistics Corp.
  114. Double Time Delivery Services, Inc.
  115. Thriller Transport Solutions & Logistics Co., LLC.
  116. High Velocity Hauling Co., Inc.
  117. No Limit Logistics Corp.
  118. Total Transportation Solutions LLC.
  119. Express Couriers & Movers USA, Inc.
  120. Freight Masters Express Corp.
  121. Flash Freight Forwarders LLC.
  122. Lightning Logistics Services Ltd.
  123. The Get It There Now Co.
  124. Next Stop Delivery & Logistics, Inc.
  125. Speed Express Couriers LLC.
  126. Faster Than Fast Shipping Solutions, Corp.
  127. Runner’s High Courier Service Co., LLC.
  128. Data Deliveries Trucking & Transport, Inc.
  129. Move It All Movers & Haulers Corp.
  130. Timely Travels Express Delivery Service, Inc.
  131. Expressway Riders Logistics Co., LLC.
  132. Go The Distance Delivery Services Ltd.
  133. On The Spot Freight Forwarders Ltd.
  134. Reliable Rush Delivery Service Co.
  135. Rocket Relocation Services, Inc.
  136. Sooper Speed Courier & Hauling Solutions Ltd.
  137. Packin’ & Shippin’ Delivery Solutions LLC.
  138. Ride The Line Express Logistics, Inc.
  139. Super Express Shipping & Logistics Corp.
  140. Loadmasters Freight Systems LLC.
  141. Go-Go Cargo Truckers Corp.
  142. The Max Velocity Freight Forwarders Co., LLC.
  143. Highway Hawk Couriers, Inc.
  144. Truck Time Transport Services Ltd.
  145. Mighty Movers of America, Inc.
  146. Lightning Bolt Logistics Co.
  147. Flyin’ High Delivery Solutions, Inc.
  148. Move It Now Cargo Services LLC.
  149. Speed Freight Forwarders Ltd.
  150. The Turbo Transport Team, Inc.
  151. Rocket Or Bust Delivery Solutions Corp.
  152. Rapid Response Relocation Services LLC.
  153. On The Double Trucking & Transport Co., Ltd.
  154. Timely Travels Express Delivery Service LLC.
  155. All Nite Delivery Solutions & Logistics Corp.
  156. Soar High Couriers, Inc.
  157. Expressway Riders Hauling Services USA, Inc
  158. The Rush Hour Shippers Corp
  159. Cutting Edge Courier & Moving Co., Ltd
  160. Deliver Right Now Shipping Solutions

Funny Trucking Company Name Ideas

  1. Crazy Cruiser Couriers
  2. The Wild Wheels Delivery Co.
  3. Mad Dash Courier Services, Inc.
  4. Fast & Furious Logistics Solutions Ltd.
  5. Spirited Shipping Solutions, LLC.
  6. Lightning Bolt Transport Systems Corp
  7. Wheels of Fire Trucking & Haulers LLC
  8. Super Sonic Truckers, Inc
  9. Wild West Relocation Services, Ltd.
  10. Off The Wall Express Delivery Co, Inc
  11. Speed Demons Freight Forwarders USA, Inc
  12. Highway Ninjas Logistics & Transport Co., LLC.
  13. Nitro-Fueled Movers Corp
  14. Rapid Response Relocation Services Ltd
  15. Road Warriors Courier Service Co., LLC.
  16. Kamikaze Hauling & Logistics Corp.
  17. Road Rage Truckers, Inc.
  18. Lightning McQueen Delivery Solutions LLC
  19. Zoomin’ Zephyrs Delivery Co., Ltd.
  20. Lightning’s Lickety-Split Haulers, Inc
  21. The Whirlwind Freight Services USA, Inc
  22. Rapid Riders Transport Solutions, LLC.
  23. Movin’ On Up Movers & Haulers Corp.
  24. The Road Trip Express Delivery Co., Ltd
  25. Superfast Shipping Solutions, LLC.
  26. Outta Control Logistics Corp
  27. Space Cowboys Cargo Services Ltd
  28. Cheetah Chasers Transport Solutions USA, Inc
  29. Faster Than Fast Moving & Logistics Co., LLC.
  30. Blazing Saddles Delivery Solutions, Inc
  31. Rocket Relocation Services Corp.
  32. The Time Warp Express Ltd
  33. Wheels of Steel Haulers, LLC.
  34. Speed Demons Delivery Solutions USA, Inc
  35. Crazy Cruiser Cargo & Logistics Co., Ltd
  36. Lightning Speed Logistics & Transport, Inc.
  37. Ridin’ The Rails Couriers, LLC
  38. The Get There Now Freight Forwarders Ltd
  39. Highway Hawk Trucking & Hauling Services LLC
  40. Outrun the Sun Delivery Service Co., Inc.

Trucking Company Pun Name Ideas

  1. Rumble and Road Couriers, Inc.
  2. The Highway Hustlers, LLC.
  3. Truckin’ Fast Delivery Solutions Corp
  4. Driven To Deliver Logistics Corp
  5. Pavement Pounders Transport & Hauling Co., LLC.
  6. Haul of Fame Moving Solutions Ltd
  7. Get There Now Express Ltd
  8. Off The Wall Trucking Services USA, Inc
  9. Rapid Riders Delivery Service Co., LLC.
  10. Highway Heroes Haulers & Logistics, Inc.
  11. Four Wheelin’ Freight Forwarders Company
  12. Vroom Vroom Couriers & Movers LLC
  13. Movin’ On Up Shipping Solutions Corporation
  14. Wheels of Steel Cargo & Transport Co., Ltd.
  15. Load N Go Haulers & Freight Forwarders Corp.
  16. Truckin’ Thunder Express Services, LLC
  17. Jack & Jill’s Jack-of-All-Trades Trucking Inc.
  18. Road Rascals Delivery Solutions Corp
  19. Highway to Heaven Logistics Co., Ltd
  20. Full Throttle Transport Services, Inc
  21. The Makin’ Time Express Company
  22. Lightning Speedways Shipping Company LLC
  23. The Burning Rubber Delivery Service Co., LLC
  24. Wild Wheels Warehousing & Relocation Services USA, Inc.
  25. Roll With It Movers & Couriers LLC
  26. Driving Force Logistics Solutions Corp
  27. Ace Of Spades Transportation Services, LTD

With these creative trucking company names, you should have no problem finding the perfect one for your business. Whether you choose something traditional or go with a more humorous option, make sure it reflects what your company is all about and captures people’s attention.

This list of creative trucking company names is sure to get you thinking outside the box and help you come up with a title that will set your business apart from the competition! With thoughtful consideration and some clever wordplay, you can create a unique name that truly reflects your company’s values and services. Good luck!

Happy brainstorming! 🙂

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