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53 Bloggers Share Their Most Successful Roundup Blog Posts

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I don’t have to tell you that blogging is challenging. It’s important to create content that your audience wants to see. We get all these ideas that we would like to see, we think they are awesome, we think this is going to the post that pulls in tons of traffic and then crickets.

It can be very frustrating experimenting post after post with no real direction. It’s so tough. We all want to provide value, but when your blog isn’t even supporting itself, often times the quality of our posts suffer as we are trying get even a small amount of traction to justify all this time we are spending.

Some of the best advice I got was to see what posts are trending, what posts are people sharing and then go out and create your own version. Newspapers do it. Magazines do it. Lots and lots of blogs do it.

We often make it harder on ourselves by thinking we can’t do anything that’s already been done before, that everything has to be completely unique.

Below are successful roundup posts 53 bloggers were amazing enough to share with you, so you can learn what type of roundup posts are working. These roundup posts are the bloggers most successful posts at bringing in traffic.

Note the topic and study their pin. Try to take from it a topic that resonates with your and make your own post with your own twist.

Post in the comments below how it goes.

53 Bloggers Share Their Most Successful Roundup Blog Posts

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