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How To Gift Wrapping Ideas, Tips and Hacks to Make Present Giving More Memorable 

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The gift-giving season is here and the pressure is on to make your presents stand out! You know that the thought behind the gift really counts, but why not up the ante with creative wrapping?

Gift wrapping is an art form, and as such should be taken seriously. It’s no secret that the wrapping paper can make just as much of an impression as the gift itself. In fact, some might even say it’s more important! Whether you’re looking for a unique way to present your present or simply want to spruce up your gift-wrapping game, these creative gift wrapping ideas are sure to do the trick. Let’s get started! 

Here are some gift wrapping ideas that will get you excited about giving this holiday season. 

Make It Personal 

Personalizing gifts is more important than ever. You can easily customize any gift by wrapping it in a unique way. For example, if you’re giving someone a book as a gift, wrap it in pages from another book they may enjoy. Or if you’re gifting them jewelry, wrap the box with their favorite patterned scarf or fabric swatch – this will make the gift even more special! 

5 ways to add personalization to your gift wrapping

This holiday season, add a personal touch to your gifts by customizing them with wrapping paper! Designer Christian Dare has some helpful tips on how you can make your gift-wrapping one of a kind.

Add Fun Accessories 

Ribbons, bows, and other accessories can really take your gifts up a notch. Instead of using regular ribbons, opt for something more unique such as twine or yarn in fun colors or patterns. You can also add decorative elements like pom-poms or buttons for an extra touch of whimsy. The possibilities are endless! 

Use Non-Traditional Materials 

Gift wrap doesn’t always have to come from a store. There are plenty of non-traditional materials that you can use to make beautiful packages. For example, you could use fabric scraps from clothing or scrapbook paper instead of traditional wrapping paper. You can even use newspaper or comic books for an extra special touch! Get creative with it – the possibilities are endless! 

Reusable Wraps 

Gift wrap doesn’t have to be limited to paper. Consider using fabric to wrap a present, instead. Not only does this reduce waste and help the environment, but it also looks great! Plus, when you use fabric instead of paper, you can easily tie on a little extra something like a card or trinket that would otherwise be too bulky to include in traditional gift wrap. There are all kinds of fabrics available from cotton, linen and muslin to hessian bags and leather pouches – so choose something that suits the personality of the person receiving your gift. 

Decorative Tape 

Paper isn’t the only thing you can use when wrapping gifts; there are plenty of decorative tapes and washi tapes that come in beautiful designs and bright colours. These can be used alone or in combination with other materials such as ribbon, twine or fabric for a truly unique look. And don’t forget about stickers – they work great for adding festive touches to any package! Just remember that if you’re using tape or stickers on top of paper, make sure they don’t leave any residue behind after removal; otherwise your pretty wrap job will end up looking messy and unprofessional.                 

DIY Decorations 

If you’re feeling creative (and maybe a little ambitious) why not try making your own decorations? You could create custom tags out of scrapbooking paper or an old book page (just punch a hole in one corner and tie it onto the package with twine). Or how about making tiny origami stars out of colourful tissue paper? The possibilities are endless! Just use whatever materials you have lying around at home – odds and ends from previous projects, pieces of string or ribbon – anything goes! With a little bit of imagination (and some glue & scissors), you’ll soon have yourself some beautiful homemade decorations for your gifts.  

Ribbon Artwork 

For those who love getting crafty, try creating a ribbon artwork masterpiece. Start by loosely tying a bow around your present and then use several different colors of ribbons to create a pattern or design around it. You can also add in some greenery or other embellishments if desired. This method of wrapping will certainly make your gift stand out from all of the others! 

How to Wrap a Present Perfectly Every Time

Wrapping a present doesn’t have to be a stressful task. With a bit of creativity and some simple materials, you can easily transform any gift into something special. Whether you’re using fabric, ribbon, paper or stickers – just remember to think outside the box when it comes to gift wrap! Have fun with it and enjoy the process.

Master the art of wrapping each and every gift, regardless of its shape or size!

Quick Gift Wrap Hacks!

To save both money and time, whilst still providing a vibrant “wow” factor to your presents – look no further! Here are two effortless ways of wrapping gifts that don’t require any special materials. Enjoy the experience of festive gift-wrapping!

The best way to wrap a cylindrical gift

Trying to wrap a cylinder is difficult enough as it is, but what if you have no tape? Check out the video below for a simplified explanation on how to get it done quickly.

12 easy ways to decorate your gift wrapping

Quick Bow Made From Leftover Wrapping Paper

Transform your leftover gift wrap into a stunning bow that can be used as an embellishment for any present!

It’s time to make your presents stand out from the crowd – with these 11 fantastic gift wrapping ideas, you can easily transform dull gifts into something truly spectacular!


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Make your Christmas presents stand out this holiday season by wrapping them in a creative, humorous way! I’m talking about using things like Smash-a-Brick boxes, Tetris batteries without the game itself, Scotch tape sealing and many more ideas. So don’t just settle for boring gifts – make it fun with these hilarious gift wrap options!

Life-Changing Gift Wrapping Hacks

Struggling to wrap your Christmas presents? Clueless on how to use less wrapping paper while still creating beautiful gifts? These life hacks make it easier than ever! Learn the diagonal wrapping method, create a pillow box out of a toilet paper tube, and so much more with my tips! Unlock all new ways to wrap up holiday cheer-satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

It’s no secret that presentation matters when it comes to giving gifts – so don’t underestimate the power of good wrapping! Whether you opt for reusable fabric wraps or go all-out with DIY decorations made from scrap materials, there is always an opportunity for creativity when it comes time to give presents. So take advantage of those opportunities and show someone special how much they mean by adding thoughtful details into their gift presentation this holiday season!

How do you feel about gift wrapping? 


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