5 Easy DIY A Line Bob Ponytail Haircuts

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Everyone loves my post 5 Easy DIY Ponytail Haircuts.

So if you are looking for a little bit more of a change, a more specific hairstyle here is a post on how to cut a DIY A Line Bob.


There is something awesome about being able to fully control when, where and how you get your hair cut without having to pay.

There are so many times I wished my hair looked better, but the idea of working out the logistics of finding time and someone to watch my three children not to mention the whole traumatizing ending of gazing down at the debit machine cringing that the total I see, does not yet include tip, I just didn’t bother.

Now I have options.

The option of putting my hair in a ponytail and creating a cut I love, that is free!

And you have that option too!!!

Who knew that you could just put your hair in a ponytail and get so many different cuts, including the A Line Bob.

Step 1.

Section the hair into three ponytails.Two side ponytails and one back ponytail.

Step 2.

Slide the elastic on the back ponytail down to the length you would like the hair to be. The hair elastic is there to act as your guide as to how long the hair will be and where to cut.

Step 3.

Cut right below the ponytail with hair cutting scissors. Use the hair razor to even out the cut.

Step 4.

Release the front side ponytails to finish off the rest of the cut. Use a hair razor to taper off the front of the hair to blend in with the back of the cut. Razor it in a downward angled motion.

Step 5.

Go around the ends of the hair with the razor to give it a more blended look.

How To Cut An A Line Bob

Today I’m going to show you a very easy way to cut an a line bob on your hair. In my opinion, this is a very simple way to achieve bob haircut.

The long bob is a cut that you can do at home in an easy way and it is very fashionable among…

How To Cut An A-line Bob Hairstyle On Yourself At Home! Cut Our Own Hair

5 Easy DIY Ponytail Haircuts [Infographic]

DIY: How To Cut An A-line Long Bob || My New Lob!

I’ve been loving Long A-line Bobs (Lobs) lately, so I decided to cut myself one. hehe
Ahhh, it feels so lovely to have healthy hair once again! Do you like it as much as I do? 😀

How to: Cut Your Own Hair at Home ♥ A-Line Bob | byBelle4u

Its been super hot & humid lately so I decided to cut my hair. This is how I cut my hair and create a long A-line Bob. As for help from someone you trust and remember, its just hair. It’ll grow back 🙂

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